Final Fantasy XIII Released in Japan as Square Enix & Sony Hope for Big Sales

It's D-Day for Square Enix and Sony in Japan as the PS3 exclusive version of Final Fantasy XIII arrives on store shelves in its motherland.

Both Square Enix and Sony have been banking on Final Fantasy XIII to give both their fortunes a boost in Japan. Sony's PS3 has proved popular there, but overall console gaming in Japan lags behind the handheld behemoth that is the DS and to a lesser extent PSP - and Sony and Square Enix will be hoping today's launch can prove big-budget console games still have it.

For Sony this is also a landmark day as after seeing RPG franchises such as Star Ocean and Tales as well as new properties including Blue Dragon, The Last Remnant and Lost Odyssey release either exclusively or first on the Xbox 360, they at last have an earth-shatteringly big RPG to call their own - in Japan at least.

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Genesis54243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

Yeee Haaa! Here we go! This should be fun for PS3 fans to watch. Lets see what all out major marketing can do.

densai4243d ago

PS3 domination in japan starts here

kewlkat0074243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

not some spin-off or rehash....This game will be bought regardless of reviews and other nonsense. Dude it's a CORE Final Fantasy game...

Edit Below: Nobody ever said no need to market. This is not a new franchise or IP. It's the next Final Fantasy. I repeat, it's the next installment of the CORE

AP4243d ago

Marketing is still really important, though. It's the difference between high sales and astronomical sales! Then again, FF13 has basically taken over Japan. TV, billboards, theme song on the radio, everything.

qface644243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

what are you going on about? serious question (no really)
how many times have we heard that line already?

not bashing or anything just saying
how many times do we have to hear ps3 domination starts now thing

meepmoopmeep4243d ago

yeah, i hope Santa brought me a brain-implant device to learn Japanese the Matrix way.


Jsynn74243d ago

FF is to Japan what Halo is to the US. Huge sales regardless of quality or bad reviews. This should be fun.

gaffyh4243d ago

No need to hope Sony and Square, this game is a definite big seller.

meepmoopmeep4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

yeah, this is THE game JPN gamers want/need/drool/kill for

until a 'real' DQ games releases

sikbeta4243d ago

Final Fantasy XIII Released in Japan as Square Enix & Sony expecting HUGE Sales


darthv724243d ago

how long after the game has been out for the ps3 will square release the 360 version in japan? I understand their decision not to release it day one but you have to figure it is being developed in Japan for launch in the US and possibly Europe. Who is to say they wont release it in JP when it comes out in other territories.

That just makes better financial sense. Those who have 360 only will want the game in JP and unless they make it region free then they would be stupid not to eventually release it there.

No flaming. It is a valid question.

gaffyh4243d ago

@above - IF it releases it will be in March, but I doubt it will even happen.

rockleex4243d ago

In Japan until Final Fantasy says so! >:D

Trust me, after seeing the success of FFXIII, Japanese developers will flock to the HD consoles.

I feel like this generation still has a long way to go. ^_^

Dragun6194243d ago

@ Darthv72

I really doubt there going to release the xbox360 version in Japan.

SE says its a PS3 Exclusive in Japan.

creatchee4243d ago

I disagree - FF and Halo are huge in sales because they are both consistantly high quality and have a loyal fanbase. I don't remember any Halo or FF ever getting bad reviews (except maybe FFXI)?

Prototype4243d ago

Anyone who imports this or knows someone in japan can they confirm if theres any English subtitles at least?

Jsynn74243d ago

Thanks for the misinterpretation of what I said. I will clarify. Even if FF and Halo got bad reviews and/or had low quality, they would still sell big because (and this part is where you were right) they both have huge fan bases. Clear?

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AP4243d ago

This is gonna be awesome.

knifefight4243d ago

Not the same, but Similar thoughts expressed here:
It will indeed be very interesting to watch how this all pans out over the next year or so.

AP4243d ago

It's real make or break time for next gen JRPGs and consoles imo.

densai4243d ago

its the end of xbox in japan and the start of the fight back against the wii. end of gen ps3 will climb. first japan then the world!

qface644243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

pretty sure the end of the 360 in japan has been happened already

rezenu4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

densai, I love my PS3 but don't make the rest of us look like mindless fanpeople. I'm pretty sure Sony will do well in Japan with FFXIII but there's no need to act like that.

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densai4243d ago

First japan, then it will happen in america and the uk and europe. xbox is dead in japan, now time for wii, then the rest of the world!!!

AP4243d ago

Haha, I think it's gonna take more than FF to catch up with the Wii...

Udidntlistenpunk4243d ago

Be honest. Which fanboy honestly thought the 360 actually stood a chance against S0nY?

FF13 and GT5 is going to wipe the floor with the 360 and slamdunk it in the trashcan.

kaB00m and merry xbot xmas.

Myst4243d ago

Just wished they released this game at the same time world-wide, I'm going to hate having to wait knowing Japan is playing it first again. oh well. Good luck Square!

AP4243d ago

THe game has some English text and there will be fans translating everything within the first week or so, so importing is definitely an option... that's what I'm doing.

Myst4243d ago

But we wouldn't have to translate if they just released it all at once! :p. Eh I would import, but at this time it's more than likely sold out anyway. Also it wouldn't hurt me to bad to wait anyway.

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