Battlefield Bad Company 2 'Moments' trailer 3.

Here's the lastest Battlefield Moments - Episode 3

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pixelsword3856d ago

I keep getting shot-up though. :)

Ju3855d ago

Its a sniper's paradise, though. (not my style of play, I got it under control as a medic, recently).

evrfighter3855d ago

damn that map looks intense.

TheDudeAbides3855d ago

Beta ends January 5th right, when will public demo be released?

badz1493855d ago

looking forward for the game. I'm not too much of an online player but I do go online for some MP sometimes! I'm more a campaign fan and here's for hoping that BC2's campaign is not short as hell as MW2! 5H? WTF?

jjohan353854d ago

I don't like the aim assist that glues the iron sights to the enemy.

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kratos1233856d ago

oooh i want this game sooo bad gimme gimme gimme

life doomer3856d ago

this game is so much better than mw2, trust me. I played mw2 then played the bc2 beta and I found the beta more fun than mw2.

CyberCam3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

I with you on this one life doomer, the game is just awesome! It's a lot less frustrating and a lot more balanced than MW2! Cheers!

You're little low on bubbles my friend... bubble up!

krisq3854d ago

Much more enjoyable than MW2.

toaster3855d ago

Destructible environments? Check
Vehicles? Check
Teamplay > Deathmatch? Check
Polished visuals? Check
Realistic gun sounds? Check

Yep. Everything MW2 doesn't have.

peeps3855d ago

bfbc2 is still like 3 months away. instead of hating on mw2 maybe play that untill bfbc2... i know thats what i'm doing.

obv ppl can dislike mw2 (it frustrates me about as much as i enjoy it) but i don't get this whole if u like bfbc2 u can't like mw2 and vice versa.

i mean it's not even like the games released together meaning u gotta pick 1

CyberCam3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

The game is a broken POS, it doesn't encourage teamwork, only camping for killstreaks. There's just too much crap going on at once and the second half of most matches end up sucking because guns are almost useless against all the choppers, harriers, turrents, airstrikes, predator missles etc. At least in COD4 you could only have one of these items at a time, it was more about gun battles than killstreak perk battles... you might as well be fighting with a water gun!

I haven't even mentioned the bugs, glitches and hacks yet! I know every game has them, but not this many!


Anti-Fanboyer3855d ago

It's just a map reveal like the Arica Harbour gameplay trailer. The Moments trailers are from only one player's perspective. And they are doing 4 Moments trailer for each game mode.

The first one was Atacama Desert - Conquest Mode.
Second one was Arica Harbour- Rush Mode
And the next 2 will be different modes on different maps.

peeps3855d ago

although i agree to some extend the map is panama canal not arica

Anti-Fanboyer3855d ago

I never said this was Arica Harbour. Here what I'm saying.

Moments trailers:
Episode 1 Atacama Desert - Conquest Mode (Assualt)
Episode 2 Arica Harbour - Rush Mode (Recon)
Episode 3 - ?
Episode 4 - ?

Montage Trailers:
Atacama Desert Gameplay Montage (
Arica Harbour Gameplay Montage
Panama Canal Gameplay Montage (Recent)

evrfighter3855d ago

but it is a moments trailer so ummm

get over it.

Razzamataz3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

According to the blog on EA's Battlefield site (which appears to be down) the video was titled "Battlefield Moments - Episode 3 Panama Canal", so I went with that. It was tweeted by Repi, a rendering architect at DICE.

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