Michael Pachter – 2009 a difficult year for gaming

Critical Gamer writes: In our interview with Michael Pachter we discussed the idea of a games industry crash, but despite a poor year in terms of sales, Pachter believes things will improve in 2010.

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scruffy_bear4248d ago

Lets hope this prediction come ture

Bungie4248d ago

all the big selling games is coming 2010

Halo Reach
God Of War 3
StarCraft 2 !

hope they sell

scruffy_bear4248d ago

Bioshock 2
Final Fantasy 13
Mass Effect 2
Metal Gear Solid: Rising
and many more 2010 will be awesome :)

D4RkNIKON4248d ago

I truly can not stand Michael Pachter! He is not only wrong nearly every time he opens his pompous mouth, but I find some of his comments offensive. He did an interview for GameTrailers TV and mentioned that Assassin's Creed 2 has characters like Leonardo DaVinci that gamers probably don't even know who they are.

Listen here Pachter.. Not all gamers are 10 years old and live under a rock in their parent's basement. You would be an idiot not to know who DaVinci is.

ABizzel14248d ago

Sales will go up not year, but not because of the Wii or Music games. The line up for all console is at an all time best next year so software sales should be through the roof for 2010, and this will be the first FULL year all systems will have a price drop (360 Elite price drop). So sells should be consistent at the least for hardware if not greatly exceeding 2009. Motion controls for all systems, and better online services mean that 2010 should be one of the best years in gaming EVER.

TheDeadMetalhead4248d ago

This just in; 2009 best year ever for gaming.

NecrumSlavery4248d ago

Pachter is such a douche. It wasn't a poor year for gaming. It was a poor year for the 360 and a great year for the PS3. 2010 will be phenomenal year for all 3 consoles.
Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid Other M, Mass Effect 2, SC:Conviction, GOW3, Heavy Rain, GT5, FFXIII FTW!

Solidus187-SCMilk4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

All consoles will be selling better in early 2010 as opposed to early 2009. And the games are coming non-stop all next year. Great games on every console and some huge ones that will sell great like FF13, MArio, HAlo Reach, GT 5 and WAYYYY TOO MANY other AWESOME games. All year from january to december. We dont even know all the games coming at the end of the year.

edit-- And of course PC games like SC 2 and DIABLO 3. I need to play diablo 3 probably. Maybe even half life 2 EP. 3. AND DEUS EX 3(hope its like DX1). I need to upgrade my PC.

NioNa4248d ago

There where some great games in 09, Games like UC2, Killzone 2, L4D2 *still a great multiplayer experience*, Forza motor sport 3,

Actually, There are some great games but it was rather a short season wasn't it.

:3, But what the heck, I still have UC2 to finish, and need to finish my career in F3.

Game on :)

lowcarb4248d ago

"It was a poor year for the 360 and a great year for the PS3."

Just because Ps3 got some bigger exclusives than 360 doesn't mean it was poor for 360. Now I do agree that 2010 has much better games coming for 360 but in no way was 09 bad for 360 only in terms of sales.

Anon19744248d ago

2009 was a poor year for the gaming business. Check out the financial reports from EA, Activision, Ubisoft, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo...any of them. From a gamers standpoint I think 2009 was a pretty good year, but Pachter isn't talking about the view from gamers.

He's talking business and the business of videogames had a rough year in 2009. While Pachter makes his share of mistakes, some of you need to temper your Pachter hatred with a bit of reality. He's a business analyst. Have any of you even read one of his reports in full, or are you all just having knee jerk reactions to little sound bytes rather then bothering to have a look at his greater body of work?

His job isn't even to make predictions, it's to examine the companies and the industry themselves, analyse who's making money and why and providing general forward looking statements on their business, and he's actually very well respected in that area.

k jules4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

More than a million PS3's in one month. Microsoft posting profits with it's entertainment division. And Ninty, Well:

It was indeed a very tough year for gaming

EDIT: Well, he is an analist, so I'm talking about the industry

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Jockie4248d ago

Considering the way the economy has been, things could have been far worse this year. Smaller games, new IPs and less well received games might have struggled, but sales records have been smashed by games like MW2 and Fifa over here was the fastest selling sports title ever.

Cubes4248d ago

Part of the reason for 2010 starting off so well is that a lot of games got moved from Christmas 09, due to the pressure from Modern Warfare 2. Lots to look forward to in the first quarter of 2010.

DemonStration4248d ago

Wii and plastic toy sales down just says to me that these things are a passing fad for the mainstream. We seem to be quickly approaching a make-or-break point in the industry where either the mainstream audience falls out from under us and we go the way of comics, or we become the next Hollywood.

TheTruth20094248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

The WORST year in gaming. EVER.

Congrats, Sony Fans.

NO ONE CARES about the Gaming of 2009. Unfortunately.

There were some bright spots that deserve recognition. Like Naughty Dog and Infinity Ward.

But the point is, you've made NO impact this year.


You had your chance to kill Microsoft in a down year. And failed.

So how will you do it in their biggest year EVER?

I can't WAIT for 2010. :-)

Lazarus694248d ago

how is the console war over?why was this a down year for microshaft?what makes you think next year will be best for the 360 only?Or are you just being an idiot?

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