Microwaved Xbox 360 Elite "Artwork" Selling for $31,000

It's interesting to see how "art" is interpreted by different people. To someone like myself, a microwaved video game console like an Xbox 360 is not something I'd be to happy about or call "art," but to another person, it's expensive "artwork." 50% of the $31,000 the console is selling for will be donated to the "CAIR-CA, The Council on American-Islamic Relations, California."

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Jerk1204292d ago

Even when it's microwaved it manages to be completely awesome.

No wonder that it's the best.

Kreyg4292d ago

I wouldn't say it's completely awesome like that. It honestly looks like someone tried to eat a 360 and vomited it back up and voila. I bet it never sells

Mr_Bun4292d ago (Edited 4292d ago )

Good luck with that.

Should've stuck the halo logo on it somewhere....then it would sell

In the actual ebay auction description, it makes it seem like it is functional:

Kreyg4292d ago

yeah I have a feeling you're right about that actually :-\

Kreyg4292d ago

it's actually not functional. In the listing it says it's not.

Mr_Bun4292d ago (Edited 4292d ago )

I know that it isn't, I just thought it was odd to include all of that info in the details:

"Xbox 360 Elite is the premier Xbox 360 console package that includes a massive hard drive, a high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) port, a high-definition cable, and a premium black finish. Xbox 360 Elite also includes a wireless controller and Xbox Live headset. Xbox 360 Elite has enough space for a whole library of Xbox Live Arcade games as well as downloadable high-definition TV shows, movies, music, and more."


Kreyg4292d ago

Pretty ridiculous huh? He makes it seem like you're getting a deal on this one.

It's like, "Ohh just in case you didn't know this system WAS all that before I fried it's @ss in the microwave

SilentNegotiator4292d ago

I'll make my own "Art", sell it, rebuy a jasper 360, and buy every game I haven't bought yet this gen.

J8M7G4292d ago

I've got seven 360s i don't actually want...
About $200,000...
Right I'm gonna need 14 fake eyes!

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Mr_Bun4292d ago

Don't they all end up like this after a month or so?

Convas4292d ago

My 18 Month old 360 says Hi!

Mr_Bun4292d ago

When your 360 says "hi", I bet it's dressed like this:

Pennywise4292d ago

Clizz, 18 months? Would you like me to contact guiness book of world records, or do you want to?

You are breaking records.

talltony4292d ago

My second broke after a 2 months.
And now I am on my 3rd but never turn it on cause I have a PS3.

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crayzieman4292d ago

I wouldn't want this even if it was free. The eyes would freak me out and make me think it was staring at me.... @[email protected]

VenomCarnage894292d ago

they dont have to worry about RROD now

snipermk04292d ago

Well, atleast seems LESS violent than an RRoD.. lol :P

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