GameStream – Why are games and the mainstream media still at odds?

Critical Gamer Writes: I'll start this article with a disclaimer – to truly examine the relationship between gaming and mainstream media, it'd probably take a University thesis, around 756 cigarettes, twelveteen source books and an ungodly amount of coffee. Instead, this article hopes to look at how gaming has been portrayed in the media recently and hopes to draw a few conclusions as to the relationship between the two.

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unknown_gamer4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

It's because some sections of the media still see games as kids toys

mjolliffe4243d ago

Daily Mail are terrible. I would love to write for them one day and turn their view on videogames around.

Shadowstar4243d ago

You know... I kind of think it's more that older media is threatened by newer media rather than really seeing it as kids stuff. Newspapers are dying, being killed by bloggers. Television isn't being watched as much because people are attaching their PS3s and Xboxs and Wiis to their TVs. Wouldn't you feel threatened?

Mondayding4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

Newspapers, specifically the knee jerk, reactionary, brimstone and fire, juicy gossip ones, work like this: Find a story that provokes a reaction or grabs readers' attention, write it up, make it sound worse than it is, hope to sell more papers. It's the nature of the business - if you're not selling papers, you're going out of business. What everyone needs to realise is that it matters not one jot what the mainstream media say about videogames, no one in their right mind is listening. Okay, so some mad parental control groups – Tipper Gores in the making – go all mental on us and start harping on about games being violent and corrupting the youth of today, but so what? When they started stickering albums with the Parental Advisory warnings it actually boosted sales. Coz everyone wants the things their mothers tell them they can't have!

scruffy_bear4244d ago

That's what helps to sell the Daily Mail they find any story abouting gaming a twist it into something negative

malfesto4243d ago

Most social critique style pieces reported by the media are sensationalised. Sadly news is entertainment. Conjuring up ideas of depraved violence and terrible ramifications is far more entertaining than simply stating "everything is fine...move along".

Cubes4244d ago

Another thing that annoys me about the media is when they do reviews in certain newspapers, when they clearly haven't played the game! You'd be as well reading the blurb on the back of the box as read the 10/10 review for say Crazy Frog Racer!

Mondayding4243d ago

You're not talking about the Star are you? I know for a fact the guy reviews them without even having received them, let alone played them...

Jockie4243d ago

That's pretty terrible, at least papers like the Guardian make an effort. Their gaming blog has at times been responsible for some truly awful journalism. But Charlie Brooker was allowed to write about games recently and they're planning to add games reviews to G2 in the New Year, hopefully they'll be responsible about it and actually play the bloody games.

pwarnock4243d ago

He said "twelveteen".

Kidding aside, I think gaming will always be a counterculture.

Mainstream games will be labeled simulators, or augmented reality, or the like.

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