Free Movies With 360 HD DVD Player Purchase

If you're in the market for the Xbox 360 HD DVD player and want to jump start your movie library, then this week may be the time to make the purchase. At both Best Buy and Circuit City you'll get two HD DVDs for free with a 360 HD DVD player purchase. Which leaves you with a total of three free movies, because the King Kong HD DVD is included with the player. Now only if they offered a free 50" 1080p HD television as part of the deal, then we'd probably pick up two.

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Bonsai12144734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

is that they're desperate in trying to gain market share, or they're trying to clear inventory...

before you flame me, disagree, or take away bubbles, ask yourself, what do you think this means?

aww. someone took my bubbles.. haha. its alright, be insecure with yourself

kamakazi4734d ago

there you go buddy a bubble for you or atleast a positive feedback for you :)

Rhezin4734d ago

true dude, all they need to do is make a dam price cut! like 100 price cut, dammit!

Expy4734d ago

Not going to change much. If people won't buy an addon to watch movies in the first place, bundling a movie won't help.

Silver3604734d ago

sony gave coupons for free blu ray movies with ps3's