Top 10 Drunk Multiplayer Games

It's a match made in heaven when it comes to entertaining. But playing games drunk on your own is depressing and sad, only comforted by the fact that no one will ever know (Not even yourself if you put enough liquor inside you).

So, the only real choice when it comes to drunk gaming is to invite some buddies over, crack open a few cans and get your system of choice going! Here is a list of top games to play drunk with friends. Feel free to try these out.

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Diselage4742d ago

Oh silly intoxicated gaming, why are you so much fun?

wolfgang4742d ago

So far I tried 3 of those under the influance. Also I would have added Trauma Center (Wii) as it is so much fun for the rest of the gang to look a one drunk guy trying to operate on the poor patient.

wolfgang4742d ago

Wow this story only took a few minutes to get approved, something tells me that this article bring back memorys to a lot of gamers...

MK_Red4742d ago

Burnout is THE game for drunk people. Shooting cars (Traffic Check) and huge Crashes in crash mode! + Road Rage + A few drinks = This is MADNESS.

Diselage4742d ago

I don't know about some of those games, when i'm intoxicated i generally don't like to pay attention to details.

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