PlayStation 3 Firmware Cracked...But It Isn't Worth It

Yes, you're reading the headline correctly, the PlayStation 3's firmware has been cracked. And what exploits can this bring? Well, the most notorious of them all, playing pirated games. But whoah, whoah, hold on there, skipper. You see, unlike the PSP where firmware updates didn't really offer too much, the PS3 is a completely different beast. The PS3's firmware has already given us gems like enhancing backwards compatibility and DVD upscaling. Likewise, new games will require a system to have the newest firmware installed in order to be booted (just like PSP games).

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CAPS LOCK4741d ago

unless you don't mind downloading 20-40gb of data then getting a blu ray disk or finding a way to play it through the hard drive, it ain't worth it.

MK_Red4741d ago

While this may help homebrew games, its overally a bad thing. Soon Blu-ray disks will become cheap and universal download speed will increase which will only result in pirated games for PS3... But for now, its not too critical.

Saint Sony4741d ago

Hmmm... even piratism is expensive with PS3. Soon people will yell after piratism price cut.

Merovee4741d ago

Me thinks you be meaning PIRACY there me hardy.

wolfgang4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

They have a good point when thy said its not worth it (pirating game), but I disagree on the list of reasons why its not.

"1) A recordable Blu-Ray disc costs in the neighborhood of $40."

So what ? Price will go down. You can also buy burned BR from one guy that bought the recorder and is making a living out of selling "backups". And don't forget that you might be able to play games from the hard drive like on the first xbox (with amodchip).

"2) PlayStation 3 games will soon range between 20-40GBs in size and that's a lot to download, even for today's broadband connections.

Again buy a 10 $ backup. Download a RIP instead of an ISO, be patient, with a Videotron High speed acces or even sympatico High speedyou can get that rather quickly.

"3) Just like Microsoft, if you get caught with piracy, Sony will likely axe you (read: ban you) from the PlayStation Network."


But I would have changed 1 and 2 for these

- Its illegal.

- Its prevent developpers from getting money to finance their next games.

If you are too poor to buy the games maybe you should get another hobby, how do you feel about a butterfly collection ? Ok ok that suck, but if you really need gaming that bad you can get a used copy of God of war 1 for less then 15$ and get those nexgen games later when the price drop.

MK_Red4741d ago

Great points and good answers to their reasons. Piracy hurts everyone, games prices will increase (Consumers/we are hurt) and Developers lose money while cost of making games rises (Developers are hurt).
$60 is so much for a game but part of it being expensive is piracy. Without piracy, developers could save up to %10 and use the money to make the game better, instead of spending it on anti-bootleg and other anti-piracy programs (Star Force anyone!?).

CAPS LOCK4741d ago

it will take longer to get blu ray recorders. i know some people have them now but i mean it will go mainstream on q4 2008/ q1 2009. by that time the games will be cheaper. I mean why go through all the trouble of downloading a game putting it to disk and risk getting your account or ps3 blocked? just buy the game for £29.99, its not much...

MK_Red4741d ago

I understand what you say but still there will be a lot of people into pirating PS3 games soon... And piracy almost killed PSP before it. (Terrible software sales in some European countries.
I hope everyone is like you and others who pay for legal games.

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The story is too old to be commented.