HDTV Q&A: The lowdown on buying the right Hi-def TV

Buying a high-definition television set isn't like picking out a jar of salsa. It's more like figuring out the capital loss carry-over on Schedule D of your tax form. Don't let it scare you. There's a treasury of information in the ABCs of HDTV:

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CAPS LOCK4735d ago

this question made me laugh..."Q: How do I know if I’m watching hi-def?"

but this article is helpful for people who don't know about HD tv and the requirements...

MK_Red4735d ago

Some time ago I read one of these article which was specificly about best HDTV for gaming. This one is more general but not too bad. I hope more articles about gaming HDTV are posted.

Antan4735d ago

Theres a lot to take into consideration when buying HD tv`s but if anyone is in the market then just PM me as im quite upto date with the technology and whats available and soon to be available.

Fat Onion4734d ago

It is a Toshiba. You ALSO get 5 FREE HD DVD's. Just want to let everyone know about this incredible offer.