Super Mario Shortage - New Super Mario Bros Wii Sold Out

It looks like Nintendo's latest Super Mario title is in short supply across the country. After reports of shortages first appeared online we decided to investigate the problem for ourselves. What did we discover? Read on and find out for yourself. Plus you will learn some useful tips to help you score your own copy of this extremely hard to find title.

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Shnazzyone5331d ago (Edited 5331d ago )

someone did the footwork to see if this is true or just something that french site reported for the hell of it. Amazing, maybe i should go see if the same holds true for my area. If so... who knew!?! Guess reggie was right... guessing it will outsell MW2 in no time.

Seferoth755331d ago (Edited 5331d ago )

Just checked VGchartz and they show NSMBWii at 5.2 million. COD MW2 PS3 4.8 million. If Nintendo was actually ready for this type of demand, they would probably catch the 360 version by January.


just nintendo creating hype for the game!shortage my A$$.

Why Dat5331d ago

I can confirm this is true. All my local gaming stores get about 5-15 copies a day, and they sell out in less than an 20 minutes!

I'm stuck studying/writing exams, and by the time I get to a store, BAM, gone! :(

Blaster_Master5331d ago

If you love video games then GET THIS GAME! Its my personal GOTY and probably one of the most hardcore games this gen. Best drop in and out coop in the biz.

jalen2475331d ago

Excellent game. Worth owning a Wii for.

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Goodbye New Mario, I Won't Miss You

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the first Mario 2D game in almost two decades without the New Super Mario art style, and it looks all the better for it

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misterandy392d ago

Am I missing something? It looks exactly the same, just higher resolution… Is this sarcasm?

specialguest392d ago

Yes, you're not observant if you think it looks exactly the same. It immediately appeared different to me from the start. Mario's 3D model will always be the same, so not much difference there. However, the animation they've given the Super Mario Wonder makes it look more like a CGI Mario animation where as the New Mario Bros game looks more like typical video game animation movements


__SteakDeck__392d ago

@specialguest Yeah those animations are insane.

FinalFantasyFanatic392d ago

You really didn't notice the difference? It's really obvious, I was surprised when I first saw the trailer.

Asplundh392d ago

"Am I missing something?"

Your glasses maybe?

Juancho51392d ago

This Mario game looks great, getting a switch for this and Mario RPG. CANT WAIT, TITS JACKED.

Profchaos392d ago

Yeah I liked how much more emotion could be conveyed through the new style at first glance I didn't see much difference but then rewatching the trailer I'm seeing more and more animations that remind me of the Mario artwork from the manual of smb3

Outlawzz392d ago

I hated the new super Mario bros Style. This new one seems a lot more expressive and less generic. I hope it's a good game

shinoff2183392d ago

I prefer the 2d Mario's. Me and my girl have played them all together and mario galaxy , Mario odyssey. The 2nd player option is extremely eh