Super Mario Shortage - New Super Mario Bros Wii Sold Out

It looks like Nintendo's latest Super Mario title is in short supply across the country. After reports of shortages first appeared online we decided to investigate the problem for ourselves. What did we discover? Read on and find out for yourself. Plus you will learn some useful tips to help you score your own copy of this extremely hard to find title.


Target Stores Get Last Minute Restock:

Super Mario Shortage UPDATE: Following up on yesterday's story it appears that Target stores across the country have received a major last minute restock of NSMB Wii. Our east coast writers found copies in several Upstate New York locations from Albany to Saratoga NY. Target stores have the game in stock and in large quantities. This is a major relief for many of the Holiday Shoppers we spoke to on our travels. Some of them had been looking for the game for the past couple of weeks. We know exactly how they feel. We've been checking the stores on a daily basis since last weekend only to come up empty handed every single time.

Rumors claimed the title might get a restock a week before Christmas. It appears those rumors were true as the shipment arrived exactly a week before the holiday. Its not certain whether Nintendo produced additional copies or if Target simply held back some of their stock. (Competing retailers still have empty shelves.) But either way, the shoppers we spoke to were relieved to finally got their hands on a copy. So it appears that if you are looking for Mario, Target is the place to be, at least for the moment.

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Shnazzyone4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

someone did the footwork to see if this is true or just something that french site reported for the hell of it. Amazing, maybe i should go see if the same holds true for my area. If so... who knew!?! Guess reggie was right... guessing it will outsell MW2 in no time.

Seferoth754242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

Just checked VGchartz and they show NSMBWii at 5.2 million. COD MW2 PS3 4.8 million. If Nintendo was actually ready for this type of demand, they would probably catch the 360 version by January.

aceitman4242d ago

go and get it at amazon


just nintendo creating hype for the game!shortage my A$$.

Why Dat4242d ago

I can confirm this is true. All my local gaming stores get about 5-15 copies a day, and they sell out in less than an 20 minutes!

I'm stuck studying/writing exams, and by the time I get to a store, BAM, gone! :(

Blaster_Master4242d ago

If you love video games then GET THIS GAME! Its my personal GOTY and probably one of the most hardcore games this gen. Best drop in and out coop in the biz.

jalen2474242d ago

Excellent game. Worth owning a Wii for.

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The story is too old to be commented.