These videogames are not art, they are extreme pornography

Jacqueline Hunt: "My organisation, Equality Now, has heard a lot from the fans of some of these games. We highlighted the game RapeLay, produced in Japan, as one example of many that promote violence against women. In RapeLay the player manipulates an onscreen penis to simulate rape of a woman and her young daughters over and over again."

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3590d ago
MajestieBeast3590d ago

The guardian is on a killing spree with sh!tty articles how do they write such junk no research done at all.

Darkstorn3590d ago

The game may not have much artistic merit, but some people are into porn. Who are we to tell them they can't play porn games? The game may not be in good taste, but so is just about everything these days.
Let it be.

matnum3590d ago

Couple of friends were at my mates when we heard about this. So we got the torrent slapped it on the lap top and bam instantly hilarious .

pro tip, according the to orgasmotron indicator nothing pleases a woman like rubbing her face .

God i love japan and their crazy's.

sikbeta3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

Is OK if people want to play ( PORN games, but that Rape game went to far IMO

Why they don't do it ala Hentai Anime Style, without the need of actually Rape a virtual girls lol

nycredude3590d ago

Extreme porn? Yeah right if porn was THIS boring the industry would have died a long time ago.

You want extreme Porn, there is plenty of it. Go check out beastiality, scat, bondage, Puke, Rape fantasy, and many more.

Rapelay is just like many other titles that have been releasing in Japan for years now. Just another boring submissive sex fantasy game. There is hardly any violence at all and it's boring as hell just like all the rest. Let's stop giving these games attention already with these crap articles.

And who the f ever called these games art anyway?

ThanatosDMC3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

^ It's like they dont have the internet.

Geez, there's worse things out there than pornography or rape. Did you know there are people that kill other people and sell their body fat after mutilating their bodies and hanging them up in sheds?

Heck, there are even cultures that destroy people's reproductive organs so that they cannot feel pleasure or any sexual stimulation.

There are even those that sell their daughters for money. Those that get pregnant just so they could sell the fetus for others to eat for the protein and whatever else.

Meh... i guess, it's a start?

nycredude3590d ago


Yeah these articles are retarded. Seriously these games are never any good and complete waste of time and space on the hdd.

If Naughty Dog made a game like this I would totally buy it though! :)

bacon133590d ago

Anybody that would get enjoyment out of playing these type of porn or rape simulators is quite sick and has deep emotional issues imo. How someone could find this entertaining or fun is disturbing and beyond me.

rockleex3590d ago

But not in porn games?

Killing is okay in movies, but not in games?

"Waggle" is okay while watching porn, but not while playing games?


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HDgamer3590d ago

Lol this person is almost 4 years too late, this hentai game has been out since 2006 and earlier. Thats only softcore porn compared to what Japan really has.

MagicAccent3590d ago

If they only knew what the internet truly holds beyond facebook and Yahoo news.
Then they'd be 'really' worried.

BldyShdw3590d ago

Who cares? Some people like fluffy bunnies and some people like porn. Deal with it. Nobody said everyone has to play these games...


Rocket Sauce3590d ago

Some people like anchovies, some people like banging 12 year olds.

Limited_Vertigo3590d ago


Rocket will you raise me?

Bolts3590d ago

Other than the pesky legal matter, there is nothing wrong with banging 12 year olds.

Limited_Vertigo3590d ago

If you're in the middle east.

nycredude3590d ago

Anchovie(s)? is? are? gross!?

Personally I like Milfs.

bacon133590d ago


Hi I'm Chris Hanson from MSNBC Catch a Predator.......please take a seat.

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Kakihara3590d ago

If they think that's extreme pornography they don't want to check my browsing history.

kraze073590d ago

Lol. If they saw some of the things I have on my external hard drive I think their heads would probably explode.

DevastationEve3590d ago

I'm thinking you must must have head-seeking missiles, as that would make their heads explode too.

Limited_Vertigo3590d ago

By any chance do you like nugget porn?

Darkstorn3590d ago

Let's please refrain from talking about 'nugget porn'...

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