Killzone 2 wins GOTY 09 award from Gamereactor

The critically acclaimed PS3 exclusive Killzone 2 has won Game of the year 2009 award from Gamereactor.

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iron_sheik5037d ago ShowReplies(14)
LordMarius5037d ago

My personal GOTY as well

many hours I spend killing ISA all in the name of Helghan

iron_sheik5037d ago

but TO ME
KZ2 has the most intense MP battle system
I loved the Fragfest although the HC gamers wont agree with me
But i felt that KZ2 was truly for both casual and HC gamers

-Alpha5037d ago

Killzone players are smaller in number but very, very devoted to the game I find. If the game was so casual-friendly then I would expect more casual players, but that is not the case.

And in all honesty, I like it that way. I feel tense when I see some noob playing as the tactitian, throwing spawn grenades in enemy bases, beside enemy spawns, beside their OWN spawns, on TOP of the objectives, etc.

I always found spawn points to be very tactical, hidden away from the action, not dropped into the middle. Oh well, that's how I always play with the tactitian.

starvinbull5037d ago

KZ2 is a brilliant game. On reflection better than I thought at the time when I was heavy into it.

Still got it so might have another go when I have time off work.

hay5037d ago

Killzone 2 is brilliant. Hooked me as only both Half Life's and Quake 4 managed to do it.

Ju5037d ago

Yeah, spawn points are thrown pretty randomly. Which is a pity. Hey, you can even set what direction to spawn; that is always towards you (== against the direction you throw the spawn grenade). Nobody seams to take this into account and spawn campers have an easy game camping behind you...not too many good tacticians out there, though.

WildArmed5037d ago

Ah, i guess i can let k2 slide.
But My personal GoTY was Demons Souls

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MURKERR5037d ago (Edited 5037d ago )

mw2=hype kz2=substance(love the cover system), im actually ashamed ps3 owners fell into the mw2 hype and didnt support a game as good as kz2...seems alot of ps3 owners are thinking more along the lines of 360 owners (no disrespect) who love hyped games nomatter how much of a con (halo odst,L4D2) instead of broadening their mind an realise that sonys exclusives push boundaries and graphics

ps3 owners need to start supporting their exclusives, heavy rain (my already goty 2010) i hope sells 4 million we need developers to take risks and push boundaries like this lets support them

wages of sin5037d ago

How exactly are people being "conned" into enjoying...never mind, this site is hopeless.

MURKERR5037d ago (Edited 5037d ago )

and 3 new maps which bungie themselves stated was an expansion yet microsoft knows they can con their fanbase so released it at full price, l4d2 needs no explanation,banning consoles just before mw2 launch knowing 360 owners would repurchase if they were that against modded consoles why not ban their hard earned gamertag profiles? halo wars...commercials show no ingame footage you would never know it was an rts need i go on?

tripewire5037d ago

I started playing it again about a week ago. It really does put modern warfare 2 to shame. If GG came out and released some co-op mission packs MW2 would have absolutely no leg to stand on. I personally dont see why GG haven't done it. It couldnt be that hard to script some 2 player missions. Id love that sh**.

ABizzel15037d ago

I tried playing Killzone 2 again since you said it,and it was hard for me to get into it, because I'm so use the controls in Uncharted 2.

wages of sin5037d ago

ODST started out as as an expansion pack and was made a full on retail game because of what they added to it. I personally got what I wanted out of it and continue to play it so to each his own.

As far as L4D2, I have only played the demo, however, from everyone I know that has played it they really like the changes and additions that were made to the game. What your beef is with it, I'm not sure since you didn't say anything of substance, you just made some blanket complaint. Typical.

You complain about a commercial for Halo Wars, but make no comment about the quality of the game. Like many of your examples, I'm guessing you don't know for yourself because you haven't played them yourself and more than likely you don't have a 360 to begin with.

People getting banned off of XBL for modding consoles is a great thing. If your stealing games, you deserve to get busted. Game developers have families to feed and should be paid for their work just like anyone else. The timing is another issue altogether, however, I'll bet you anything that the same complaint you have against MS for doing so you'd praise if it were Sony.

I prefer KZ2 to MW2 (My wife got my PS3 on Valentines right before it was released specifically for it) but I prefer H3/ODST to either of them. It's called preference, something real gamers believe in. It's not a con to see value in a product and get your moneys worth from it. We can discuss the merits of Halo or KZ2 or whatever, but you don't want to that, you just want to be negative and childish and I don't have time for that. Too not give credit where it is due simply because you have one system or that your so devoted to a console instead of the passion for gaming in general is weak it's pathetic and it's ignorant.

I had been told that N4G's was a great site for gaming journalism and not the kinda place that fanboys run. I was wrong. Really, really wrong. With exception, I've never seen so many delusional fanboys, mainly consisting of America hating pissed of European Sony fanboys. I know it's not everyone but they would be the exception, not the rule. Instead of bowing at the alter of the PS3 how about you enjoy gaming. Newsflash, there are great games on all the consoles, that's why it's best to have them all instead of making yourself look ignorant in an effort to justify your purchase to yourself. Instead of telling people they've been "conned" as you put it, try and get your fellow Sony only brethren to support the games on the PS3 that are worth having. That would be a start.

Now I know why Sony made all those arrogant comments at the beginning of this generation. They're just as big a douche as their fanboys are.

MURKERR5037d ago (Edited 5037d ago )

your comments go way off the point to try an validate your answers,halo wars maybe a great game but it uses false advertising for parents,odst got panned in many reviews as being ligthweight and nomatter what you believe that game should not have been $60, l4d2 i didnt going into because you can google what people think on that subject,as for modded consoles i agree its harmful to the industry but ms only did it to sell consoles for mw2, why not do it in the summer or beginning of the year? if they were truly upset ban their profiles aswell that would send more of a message across but ms wouldnt do that because there is a less chance of people repurchasing...my points are valid you went off track.

and yes i went against sony for their attitude at the start of the ps3 era but atleast thats somewhat improved

i dont bash i just state facts sorry if i hurt your feelings, yes my preference is ps3 i dont own a 360 but that doesnt qualify a person as a fanboy, blindly bashing competition qualifys someone as a fanboy...and surprise surprise arron greenburg and turn 10 come to mind

wages of sin5037d ago (Edited 5037d ago )

You can tell yourself that I went off topic and that my quote "feelings got hurt" or some other nonsense, if you so choose. The fact is, I addressed your opinions and gave you legit points.

I went into fanboy territory based on your comments during this post. Having to use google to get some comments about a game doesn't make you anymore "right". There are just as many people complaining that love it but you probably didn't bother reading any of those because it doesn't fit your point.

Your bring up Greenburg but I wonder if you thought the same thing when Sony was saying the craziest crap I've ever heard any company say in order to hype a product, when speaking of the PS3. Why don't you google that, just to refresh your rather selective memory.

At the end of the day it's not important. I'm not going to argue with someone on the other side of the planet over something so trivial. Go ahead and think what you want. I'm going to continue to be a gamer and support gaming not a corporation.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I might play some KZ2 before bed.

MURKERR5037d ago (Edited 5037d ago )

and your corporation comment which you should realize you do everyday in your life from clothes you prefer to wear,car you prefer to drive,make of food you prefer to eat,shops you prefer to go to,football team you prefer to support so your point is exactly?your mindlessly creating issues to portray yourself as some heavenly christ of gaming

sorry mate ....your not

Rt00275037d ago

Yeah KZ2 is an amazing game indeed, but @wages of sin i only started coming to N4G a year ago and only signed up recently to comment and as far as i know, this site used to be "360 fanboys" ruled and always seeing articles talking down onto the ps3 but everyone seemed to be fine with that. Now that PS3 is getting true success and recognition, I guess some owners would do what the 360 fanboys did.

All articles used to be all American "360 fanboy" articles and this site seems to love it, but i hate how now people thinks this site sucks now that Sony seems to be getting their recognition.

wages of sin5037d ago

Wow dude, emotional much? Whatever, your "facts" are still jaded at best. It's obvious that we make those decisions in life as you chose to mention (to make a moot point at that) but at the end of the day preference is different than blind allegiance, And I'm not your mate.

cyberwaffles5036d ago

i agree man. i came to this site because of killzone 2 actually. everyday i looked for killzone 2 related news and then i eventually made an account for this site. it was definitely pro-360, but it really didn't matter to me. people who complain about a site being completely pro-sony/360 shouldn't get their feelings hurt about it. it's just the media speaking their minds/agendas based on gaming.

at one point the ps3 really didn't have much of anything and i can see why a lot of people would rag on the ps3, but now that things are changing, people are getting upset with the sony fanaticism. get a grip people, quit posting the same thing about the site being nothing but a bunch of sony droids or whatever. maybe there's a lot of ps3/sony praising because they actually offer top quality products.

you can't deny facts like murkerr stating microsoft's false advertising of halo wars, or the fact that ODST was originally suppose to be DLC but eventually evolved into a full retail priced-game, or maybe that another L4D was released despite valve stating they would give good after-release support. i sure as hell would be pissed if killzone 3 came out next year as a matter of a fact.

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xcox5037d ago

great to see this industry is not yet entirely full of sh!t