A mouse you can wear on your finger

The mouse is placed on your finger closest to your thumb. You rotate the mouse over so that your thumb has access to the trackstick and the mouse buttons. It runs off a USB port and combines a retractable cable dongle to keep things tidy when you put it away. You have a right click, left click, and another button that looks like it helps center the cursor in the middle of the screen.

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Diselage4745d ago

kinda neat, even though i already have on that i just old that could easily be attached to a finger.

TnS4745d ago

Is it similar to this? :)

BIadestarX4745d ago

Imagin if you have to use your computer all day? Having your fingers/hand position like that will give you some serious carpal tunnel. If a mouse does that and you are resting your hands on it imagine this.