Konami preps creature-battling DSi RPG Foto Showdown

Pocket Gamer:

It's taken a while but it finally seems that some publishers are looking to use the DSi's camera.

EA announced its action-platformer Foto Face: The Face Stealer Strikes recently, and now Konami has been talking up its turn-based strategy RPG-cum-Pokemon game Foto Showdown.

The turn-based strategy part of the game seems to be fairly generic, in terms of getting you to battle various sets of monsters against various opponents (one at a time), as well as setting up decks of different characters, weapons and health upgrades.

What makes the game more interesting is how you can you use the DSi camera. Basically, the system works using a colour recognition to spawn monsters based on the dominant colours in your photos.

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player9114238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

Don't tell me that this is the first actual DSi game.

EDIT: NM looks like it's just a DSiWare game from the Video. This and the linked article make it read like its an actual game.