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Myst4244d ago

It's about time that they shed some light on the matter.

WildArmed4244d ago

My fav. PS-family related Final Fantasy. The reason why I got hooked to FF-series.
FF6 with Locke the Thief was the best FF i've played. Too bad they dont make games like they used to.

deadreckoning6664244d ago

Theres no point in hacking a PSP anymore. Sony delivers all the PS1 games I've ever wanted!

RememberThe3574244d ago

This was the first FF game I ever played. I actually still have it and I'm staring at it right now wondering why I'm not playing it...

Megaton4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

IX! Where's IX?! FFIX is my favorite of the PS1 FF's.

Anorexorcist4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

Please tell me that I'm not the only one here that feels FFVIII was the worst of the PSone Final Fantasy entries?

This is the only FF that I never completed to its conclusion. I beat FFVII, FFIX, FF Tactics, FF Anthology, FF Chronicles, and FF Origins.

Final Fantasy VIII just felt sort of "Meh" to me, mostly because I hated the Junction system and having to draw spells from enemies which got really ponderous really quick.

Hell most people claim FFXII is the worst in the series. Oh no I like FFXII, I say part 8 is worse.

Bringing any one of the FF retro compilations (Anthology, Chronicles, Origins) or FFIX would do the PSN users the most good.

Megaton4244d ago

^ Final Fantasy VIII was my least favorite of the PS1 FF's too. It was totally forgettable. I bought it the day it came out, finished it by the end of the following weekend, never touched it again.

Myst4244d ago

Didn't like FFVIII at all back in the day, but it's slowly been growing on me the past months

ReservoirDog3164244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa y

I never got to play VIII.

Shang-Long4244d ago

yes finally i love this game. my personal favorite

SaiyanFury4244d ago

It's about DAMNED time! I've been waiting every PS Store update for months for this one. Score for Sony releasing FFVII on PSN, now bring this one please!

sikbeta4244d ago

Awesome, even more games...

Hellsvacancy4244d ago

Bollocks 2 the yanks release it in the EU 4-me

GameGambits4244d ago

8 had the stupidest game mechanics. Drawing spells from monsters and making too much of the game rely on the card mini game put within. Card game wasn't bad put together, but it shouldn't have been the mechanic to getting final weapons for characters.(You could get items off cards, some of which are key components to making final weapons and can't be found anywhere else)

Plus that card game had a lot of BS surrounding it making it so you had to reload saves often because you lost cards. Too much luck based scenarios with it.

8 had a well paced story though and great cut scenes...but some very poor ideas. I mean Renoa shoots a dog at enemies to do damage...da hell ?

m-s-8-24244d ago

My favorite from the psx era. The depth and customization of the junction system and upgradable espers made it fantastic.

specialguest4244d ago

Square decided they wanted to get away from the dark and depressing atmosphere of FF6 & 7. It was the first FF to have anatomically realistic characters and the color pallets chose for this game were bright and lively. The card game introduced in FF8 were well executed and fun. I rate FF8 as my 4th favorite FF game.

ceedubya94244d ago

This was my favorite of the PS1 Final Fantasy's. I know people really look to 7 as the big one of the time, but man, 8 just blew me away when it was released. I'd love for this game to be remade in Hi-def. Squall ftw.

ThanatosDMC4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

Squall definitely FTW!

Best FF ever, in my opinion. I'm surprised they took this long. Must have something to do with SE? I have the disks but i'd rather just have it on my HDD. I'll collect all the cards again.

Another good one to release to NA and EU is Vagrant Story for those that missed out. It's a weird game at first but it's deep. I just hated losing my weapon affinity after perfecting it.

kewlkat0074244d ago

Yeah a lot of peeps shunned this one but it was also one of my favorites. A mix of the old/new technology in one game.

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qface644244d ago

i tried downloading it on my old comp but it would lag so much maybe it was the emulator i dunno

anyways ill buy this game when it comes out

m-s-8-24244d ago

Dude, if you were going to pirate it, why not just get the PC version? Better graphics.

Limited_Vertigo4244d ago

Or you could BUY it. I'm all for pirating (MW2 anyone?) but come on, it's [email protected][email protected]#

qface644244d ago

um its a ps1 game i really couldn't care less about its graphics

there really was no where i could buy it im not an ebay user or amazon so my options were little to none

StarScream4Ever4244d ago

My LEAST favorite FF game is heading to PSN. Wake me up when FFVII is remake.

Rocket Sauce4244d ago

The swords aren't big enough and the haircuts aren't stupid enough.

Limited_Vertigo4244d ago

Squall is annoying as hell and I constantly found myself rooting against him, I did not want him to be happy. I did enjoy the gameplay though, just wish the storyline was more interesting. I mean come on the damn villain in the game doesn't even show up till the very end.

I will still buy this off the PSN on Day 1, but please oh please SE hurry up with IX.

Gambit074244d ago

I remember not liking the battle system of this one, all I remember is there is a LOT of numbers involved.

Neo6044244d ago

SE you screw up ff12 battle system now don't screw up ff13vs.

b1tch please!!!!

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