Microsoft and Sony clash over Vista support of Intel's Turbo Memory

Sony is claiming that the current release of Vista does not support Intel's Turbo Memory technology, although Microsoft has dismissed the allegation. If Sony is right, Microsoft may have opened itself to being sued for deceptive marketing practices...

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ReconHope4742d ago

its funny how sony is not laptops are not affected but they still care, just goes to shows the competition between these 2 companies

Fart_Bubbles4742d ago

sony won't charge people for something they can't use and you think it has to do with competition?

microsoft just got

this lends more credence to the lawsuit that was filed in seattle against them and a laptop manufacturer for selling a "vista capable" machine that was anything but. In reality it could only run the most basic form of vista and none of the 3d desktop features that IMO are microsucks latest gimmick.

BIadestarX4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

How did they get owned?

“Windows Vista supports Intel’s Turbo Memory, and Microsoft and Intel have worked together to ensure that Turbo Memory works with Windows Vista technologies. There are no issues which we are aware of that would prevent [manufacturers] from adopting Turbo Memory for great performance results with Windows Vista.”

Do you think microsoft would say that? Involving Intel in the process if it was a lie? I'm sure that Intel did some testing with the OS. I am under the impression that Intel test their hardware for the OS that will support it.. don't you think?

"Manufacturers like Dell, Asus, Acer and Toshiba are reportedly offering notebooks with Turbo Memory technology." I can tell you that these notebooks manufacturers are more experience when it comes to computers than Sony and they are not complaining.

I think the problem is this, "However, Sony has told that it will not include Intel’s Turbo Memory (known by its codename “Robson”) in its upcoming Vaio notebooks." They want to save money. Besides... My laptop didnt come with Vista.. and yet it says Vista compatible.. so, What's the problem with adding hardware and future proof the machine? Even if Vistan does not come with support for "Intel’s Turbo Memory" a simple software update would fix that problem.

Besides "Intel" the the one that should know better than Sony if this is true... Interesting.... out of all manufaturers only Sony noticed this.

Besides what is Sony doing adding vista to their computers? Isn't windows the worst OS in the planet? If they added linux to the PS3 and they know is better for their consumers... why don't they bunble these computer ONLY with Linux?

Come on Sony grow some balls... Do what HP did:

"We have done quite a bit of research on this [to see] whether there is any true value for our customers, rather than taking what is available and putting it in,"

How HP didnt blame microsoft or Vista? On HP research... you don't think they would have mention that Vista does not support it?

Here is the real reason:

"HP's notebook marketing manager for EMEA, also pointed out that a 1GB Turbo Memory module costs about $50 to put into a notebook. A 512MB SD card, which offers more or less the same memory boost, costs around $10."

Yes, it cost Sony to add it. This would probably cause their computers to be more expensive. They don't want to sound like they are not giving the best product to the consumer... so, why not blame it on the OS? Everyone does that.

TheExodus4742d ago

MS claims Vista "supports" Turbo Memory while Sony claims Vista doesn't know what to do with it. I might be a tad jaded when it comes to all things MS, but still know there is a world of difference between "supporting" something & "effectively utilizing" it.

artman4742d ago

another skinned windows series... I don't see any improvement since windows 98 to vista... need 2Gb ram to run vista almost smoothly without graphic card. got scored 4.4 with intel graphic share memory.
slowly people leaving windows now around me... (including me)
people starting to buy macbook than windows laptop, comparing the price, stability, safety from trojan & virus reason... apple's macbook offer something more interesting. Great service, reasonable price, and you run any other OS if you want to.

apple is start to show the world it's power~

bilal4742d ago

everyone knows vista can it be better than the OS from which it copies everything eachtime....

i agree windows is the same since 98....just the interface getting a new shine everytime

WilliamRLBaker4741d ago

vista is awesome and better then linux all distros, and mac os x combined....

we all know that 80% of computer users are either stupid or like using an os that sux and never works right?

face it vista will sell 95,98 and xp.

John C.Dvorak said it best in the most recent pc magazine....people waiting for the super, end all, be all linux distro will be waiting cause it will never happen till microsoft does linux....opps did i say that?
brought to you on Wii.

Fart_Bubbles4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

my company just gave a new Dell XPS 1210 with vista business edition installed and IT IS ABSOLUTELY WORTHLESS in the office. I can't use our HP designjet 500 plotter because there are no compatible drivers for it. I can't do a network discovery for printers because it crashes the explorer in vista. I can't save to the network server because there seems to be network incompatibility between vista and xp machines.I could go on all day about all the problems this OS has but it's gotten to the point where I asked the operations manager to get me a fresh copy of XP just so I can wipe this POS off this laptop.

oh and the one that really ticks me off is I can't stream shoutcast stations in winamp because it can't get out to the internet in

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