Mario Wii in stock shortage in the USA ?

LiveWii writes : "Reggie Fils-Aime must smile and keep smiling since the NPD results. New Super Mario Bros. Wii does really well. So well that the game is rumored to be in stock shortage in the USA where it is quite hard to find a copy of the game in some Walmart, BestBuy & more... Nintendo pulling an artificial shortage 'a la' the Wii ? Maybe."

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ReBurn4244d ago

I wonder why Nintendo does this? I've noticed that this game is pretty hard to find in this area. There's no reason for games to be in short supply any more, especially with how quickly optical media can be mass-produced.

Blaster_Master4244d ago

Yeah. The NSMBW has been the biggest pain in the butt to find this christmas. Its my personal GOTY. People say the wii is only for casuals, but the NSMBW is one of the best old school hardcore games out this gen. Its freaking sic!

vhero4244d ago

they did it when wii first launched. Purposely released low stock amounts and it worked! Demand for the product made it what it is today.

ChickeyCantor4244d ago


The demand is already i dont really see why they want to fake it.

Infact they could make much more money if they just pump the stores full.

mint royale4244d ago


You obviously do not know about the supply constraints of business. I suggest lookin up Nintendo's case and then you may see the efforts they went to to increase supply.

SpoonyRedMage4244d ago

actually Nintendo's stock issues with the Wii was because they knew it would eventually decline again so purchasing a new factory wouldn't be economically feasible so they struggled to increase supplies.

With NSMB Wii it's surely the unprecedented demand? they probably put it somewhere closer to Galaxy than NSMB DS and it's gone the other way.

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Austin_SJ4244d ago

MW2 sold almost 6x what Wii Super Mario did, there is no boast for being second.

Blaster_Master4244d ago

Hahaha, SMBW is a better game and will have longer legs. BTW, boasting about a crap game only makes you look like the sheep that you are.

Jackel20724244d ago

all i can say about this is, after we sell out for the day. we are not allowed to restock the game until the next day or so...

4244d ago
neogeo4244d ago

I had to hide my copy under a box of wires in the warehouse at bestbuy so I could get mine at the end of my shift. Its better then I thought. LOVE IT!

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