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Ninji4244d ago

Hayashi looks like he is fixing all of the mistakes that Itagaki left behind.

CrippleH4244d ago

More like boobies for the PSP.

raztad4244d ago


This only comes to show, yet again, Itakagi is a real PS hater and Tecmo was desperate for changing the way that guy was handling those games.

Lets see how DOA or Ninja Gaiden perform w/o Itakagi.

Godmars2904244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

Pretty sure the Queen's Blade game got that - those - covered.

Or is that uncovered?

Reasonably uncovered. Unreasonably covered. Whichever.

Blaze9294244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

how about announcing DOA5 Tecmo instead of this stupid crap. It's on the PSP for freakin sakes, what showcasing can really go on?


@raztad Why is Itagaki a PS "hater"? The DOA series has spawned over rcadea, Sega Saturn, PlayStation, Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, Xbox and Xbox 360. It's basically his game, he could've done whatever he wanted to with it.

His real problem was that he didn't want to release a game on the same platform as Tekken...which is now multiplatform :/ Had nothing to do with hating the playstation, regardless of his "only make games for strongest system" comment.

Yeah, let's definitely see how DOA and Ninja Gaiden perform without Itagaki. Or better yet, instead of using already set place and successfuls tone, let's see how Team Ninja does on a brand new game without Itagaki and some of the memebers that left along with him.

NecrumSlavery4244d ago

DoA back on Playstation!

Itagaki must be having a heart attack about now.

toaster4244d ago

It sucked playing on the 360's crappy D-Pad though so I just got an arcade stick.
If DOA goes to PS3 then... then.. I don't know. It will be awesome. And I would have to get a PS3.

raztad4244d ago


Well, first of all it's widely known the stance of Itakagi towards the PS brand and second this was THE LAST DOA

Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore December 2000 PlayStation 2 (Japan Only)

I'm off. Have fun.

multipayer4244d ago

PSP can't handle the individual boob physics, Itagaki(creator of DOA), 3D fighters don't need dpads... Just throwing out some arguments that I think should be noted.

On the bright side, maybe hayashi will dishonor the franchise and give us nudez.

Blaze9294244d ago

Well known? Alright, provide links. Don't worry, I'll wait

Reibooi4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

Well at face value this game is worthless however if you read into it it's great news.

One it means they have not giving up on the series because of the issues with Itagaki-san leaving.

two it means they are more willing to support Sony Platforms now and it's a possibility that when and if DOA 5 is announced that it will be on PS3.(Hopefully exclusive so they can give the series that extra bit of graphical kick but I'm not holding my breath).

I'm really hoping to see a DOA 5 announcement soon. It's been too long without a DOA game.


DOA 2 Hardcore was NOT Japan only I'm looking at the US version on my shelf right now. Get you info right.

cyberwaffles4243d ago

uh-oh, somebody's going to be going to the bathroom with their psp's a lot ;)

EDIT: not me of course

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Godmars2904244d ago

Why do I get this feeling this game will be, even w/o Itagaki, suitable for one-handed play...

kaveti66164244d ago

(grossly fantastic)

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qface644244d ago

why would they put this on the psp with very downgraded graphics

i mean wasn't the appeal of the volleyball ones the whole boobies?
maybe its just me but this is kinda random

Godmars2904244d ago

Because its graphics are closer to PS2 where a PS3/360 HD game would take longer to make.

besides given the name it sounds like something that's being crapped out for a quick buck.

PS360WII4243d ago

I was kind of thinking that too. I can hear them now 'but I want to see Helena in that swimsuit with HD clarity!' lol

ChrisW4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

Nonetheless, I'll put money down that it's going to have the same lame, uninspiring minigames and gift giving system. The casino will probably still have the same games with the same crappy odds. And not to mention the same horrendous boob physics.

The only thing different is that you can play it under your bed sheets and avoid the embarrassment when mom walks in.

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