Overlord Preview

Being woken up by a pack of loyal minions from eternal slumber and being told you are to be the newest evil overlord of the lands can be kind of a power trip. Oh sure, you're suited up right from the get-go with an ominous set of armor and a large axe to wield, but what kind of evil demigod really wants to soil his hands with the blood of his foes? In Overlord, your biggest weapon is often not the one you hold in your hands, but rather the angry, rambunctious mob of minions standing right behind you.

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gazza4744d ago

Played this at an open day, it truly is a great game, Action RPG and full of puzzly bits, and has lots of great humour, highly recommended

Havince4744d ago

i was p1ssing myself

"theyr throwing rocks........PRIMATIVES....... KILLLLLL THEMMMMM M"


wens this out

Dr Pepper4744d ago

I think it's out June 29th

Dr Pepper4744d ago

This game and Two Worlds should hold me over for the summer. I like the look of this game and it's unique style of gameplay...can't wait.