What the Japanese really think of the Xbox 360

Everyone knows the 360 hasn't made much of an impact in Japan. While the Wii and DS continue to fly off the shelves, 360 sales continue to disappoint. Why is this? What do Japanese gamers think of the 360? The latest Famitsu magazine carries a large feature on the console, with a run-down of the major titles, and endorsements from a selection of celebrities. The consensus seems to be that the 360 is very good, but people just don't know enough about it. Here's what they had to say:

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Marty83704743d ago

And they are right. Thats why it don't sell very well in Japan, and never will.

Auron4743d ago

Very informative. get real buddy

Elginer4743d ago

which is of course why the PS3 is selling like wildfire over there huh? amirite lol

Fart_Bubbles4743d ago

it's high price point, what's the brickbox 360's excuse?

Xboxsuckz4743d ago

The 360 is crap,and it will always be crap!

The PS3 is pricier but at least it reliable,unlike the 180:)

Ignorant Fanboy4742d ago

"The consensus seems to be that the 360 is very good, but people just don't know enough about it."

Just because you can read doesnt mean you can comprehend.

Go back to 3rd grade.

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Saint Sony4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

They don't think it is crap, but they have never actually thought it would be good, those who have tried it, love it. MS just needs to lure people to actually test one. I bet most of us have experienced the same with some other product. First you think nah, it might not be good and you don't need it, but when you test it you're hooked and wonder how you managed without :)

Fart_Bubbles4743d ago

wait till the japanese starts having 360's commit sepuku on them and microshaft will wish they never heard of the japanese market. They can be very vocal and the last thing the very flawed 360 hardware needs right now is more bad publicity.

0LDSCH00L4743d ago

Your going to eat them words

ben hates you4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

on the 360, some are coming they look good but they're not established like games on the ps3, that is the truth

I agree with happy70 mass effect, just that one game will be enough to shut you up

DeFFeR4743d ago

Once the developers decide they are going to make the games on 360 first and not get hand-me-downs from the Mortgage Payment -3, they will have a better following. We need a FF type RPG or an original IP (like a Katamari) that will have the Japanese interested. Remember, PS has 10 years into the market, and Japan has a higher sense of loyalty than we do, so we need better product to change their minds.

CrazzyMan4743d ago

and this month 1 more jrpg will be released.

DoA4, LP, DR, RR6, BD - 5 released games interesting for japanese in 1.5 year? lol.

Fart_Bubbles4743d ago

the 360 is primarily a FPS console, is it really any surprise it's doing piss poor in the japan??

hell I dont even understand the japanese gamer

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The story is too old to be commented.