Halo 3 Beta: The Highs and Lows

A look at what worked and what didn't from the multiplayer beta (RIP).

From the article:
"For all the controversy surrounding Bungie's inclusion of equipment into multiplayer, we think Halo 3's new gadgets went down fantastically well. Bubble Shields, Power Drainers and Portable Grav Lifts all added to the gameplay without giving you a direct advantage - and they're bloody good fun to use as well. Top marks."

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MK_Red4742d ago

Decent article but almost everyone has tried the beta for themselves and knows a lot about it.

Diselage4742d ago

For being a "closed" beta this really wasn't all that exclusive, any one who really wanted to play in it got the chance.

PS360PCROCKS4742d ago

I get ur point but it sounds like your complaining...I mean everyone who wanted to try, got to isnt that a good thing?

power of Green 4742d ago

Highs: got to play Halo... Lows being schooled by kidz that have been playing Halo multi player for around three years no stop. Who cares its done now we wait for the history making full game that will have anybody jibba jabering about the Beta seem foolish and silly.

Elginer4742d ago

I feel you on that one lol