VG Reloaded: Colin McRae DiRT 2 (PC) Review

VG Reloaded writes: "DiRT 2 came out for consoles a few months ago, but alas I never got around to picking up a copy…so the G4WL version is my first time with the game. I must say from the start that DiRT 2 is simply beautiful on the PC as it uses DX11, runs incredibly smoothly and luckily offers support for both Xbox 360 wired controllers and the traditional PC keyboard/mouse layout. I personally prefer the controller for racing games, but each to their own…

DiRT 2 is made up of different types of events to do with many locations over the world. It's not confined to just roads like in the original, so expect plenty of mayhem on the "track". The rewind feature from GRID also makes an appearance which helps a great deal with some of the tougher races."

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