Preview: Warhawk Beta

This is a small video preview of the Warhawk beta for the PS3.

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nice_cuppa4744d ago

: )

looks good fun.
graphics are abit week.

same as the last 9 beta vids.

i wonder which has the most, halo3 or Warhawk ?

CrazzyMan4744d ago

just like in Halo3 MP beta, graphics now sux, but in final game will be better.
But having in mind, that in warhwak graphics is better then in halo3 Now, so, when games are out, it will own again halo3. =)
Warhawk already owns in MP gaming. =)

sandip7874744d ago

golly gosh i cant wait for this game.

LSDARBY4744d ago

I was surprised how good it actually looks, especially the detail on your man. The videos dont do it justice.

Ray J4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

does warhawk support parachutes in gameplay? just for the case i want to leave a flying plane/warhawk while i'm in mid air. Or is it even possible to leave a plane/warhawk while flying anyway?

ps: this game looks like a lot of FUN!

Ray J :)

MySwordIsHeavenly4743d ago

No, there aren't any on the BETA. They're really not needed though. Pressing L2 lets you land EXTREMELY quickly. It's a lot faster than a parachute...

...just so you know.

This game is the best multi-player experience since UT04'. It's phenomenal! Halo 3 doesn't hold a candle to it!

Kleptic4743d ago

the game has some very impressive draw distance and lighting...and the volumetric clouds are unbelievable, you have to see the game in person to realize how cool they are...

the flamethrower is probably the worst flamethrower of any game in recent memory...reminds me of the ridiculously cheesy thing in Turok 2 for the n64...its affective...but the fire animation is not...

that kid is right too on the explosions can't see it really in videos, but everytime something pops...there are some really good yet subtle blurring and heat wave effects that happen with the stuff flying...and the explosions "feel" really in the whole screen whites out briefly if you are close to one, and the camera jerks a bit...with a good sound system and a good tv, this game is pretty much unstoppable...

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The story is too old to be commented.