Everyday Uses of the Hidden Blade

Gamer Limit writes: "After playing through Assassin's Creed II and mastering all of Ezio's malevolent talents, you're ready to strap on a set of hidden blades for yourself and camp out in some hay. The world is an oyster, and all you want to do is stab it in the face.

Still thy blade, assassin, for this world is not meant for your particular talents. In a modern era of security cameras and prison bitches, it's in your best interests to limit how you use your particular skill set. But that doesn't mean that all you have learned is useless. On the contrary, you can find many useful applications of your talents. With a little creativity and a couple of hidden blades, you'll be able to enrich your own life while keeping the body count relatively low. Read on to find just a few of the many applications of the hidden blade in daily life."

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