Nintendo banning Pokemon hackers?

If rumours circulating the Internet are to be believed Nintendo has started to bring the ban hammer to people who have used the Action Reply to enable some specific cheats on their Pokemon Diamond and Pearl games. So far using the codes "National-Dex (After talking with Game Director)", "Catch All 493 Pokemon" and "All Shiny" has allegedly resulted in players getting banned.

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nice_cuppa4744d ago

i don't know any kids capable of hacking a game !

wow !

eclipsegryph4744d ago

If I recall, the Action Replay is kind of like a Gameshark that I used on my NES... It allows direct hacking of the game which is so easy that anyone can do it.

sumfood4u4744d ago

just pop in disc, put codes, pop out disc input game disc yur set for destroying people with ease!

Droidbro4744d ago

This started in the snes/genesis days...

Diselage4744d ago

People cheating is just so damn stupid, most will get caught eventually and it just a damn game people geez.