Games Radar hunts down the world's most extreme gamers

There are fans out there that go the extra mile for games and everyone loves them for it. The extreme fans are out there, fighting the fight for gamers everywhere.

These are the game fans that are proud to stand up for their passion; to declare their love to the world. These fans mark their wallets, their reputations – even their bodies – to show the world how they feel. These are the Exteme Gamers.

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nice_cuppa4744d ago

i think you mean FANBOYS !

MK_Red4744d ago

The campers may be fanboys but not the ones with huge selection of games from all of gaming history and ones with Okami on their arms are Not fanboys.
+ Okami FTW!

MK_Red4744d ago

Since when loving a masterpiece like Okami makes you a fanboy? Fanboys are people crazy about one console or company. Okami is a great game from Clover studios that is gone now so what kind of fanboyism would that be to love and have Amaterasu on their arms?

nice_cuppa4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

liking okami is 1 thing (great game)

getting a picture of it permanently tattooed on your arm is another.

that is fanboy territory.

\/ still fanboys dude.
there are game fanboys too.

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The story is too old to be commented.