Wii Warm Up: Is the end in sight?

Interesting article concerning a possible end to the Nintendo Wii shortages: "The end of Wii shortages, that is. While we have no hard evidence to that effect, the anecdotal evidence is piling up -- we've heard from several people lately that their searches have finally come to an end. At last, they have joined the fold of Wii owners. New Wii owners, we welcome you. But is this the case everywhere?"

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Marty83704744d ago

Wii been a fad, what do you expect.

thisisim4744d ago

I think most people can agree that this type of comment doesn't add anything to the site.

If by "fad" you mean that it is selling well and may not sell in the future, you're right. The original Nintendo was also a fad, as was the first Playstation. They don't sell well now, but people loved them when they came out and both systems saw a great deal of success.

If you mean it was a poor idea and people are stupid for liking it (which I suspect) then you're calling a lot of people stupid and you're ignoring the fact that Nintendo's strategy is working extremely well for them. The company is soaring right now financially. I think it helped that Nintendo didn't try to build something before it could be profitable for them. They are providing a good business model.

It's pretty clear that you're a PS3 fan. The PS3 is an amazing piece of innovative hardware. It has a lot of potential and can possible last longer than the Wii due to its advanced specs. However, Sony is not currently doing well with it. They are hoping to do better in the long run, but they have lost an enormous amount of money on the system in development costs (and manufacturing costs for that matter) and many are choosing the XBox360 over the PS3 as evidenced by the sales numbers (maybe due to price, maybe the games base, but it doesn't really matter why). The XBox360 and the PS3 ARE in direct competition and the majority of customers that purchase one will not purchase the other (at least until the prices drop significantly). Due to the change in install base developers are more interested in the XBox360 and the Wii. Sony's game division is in a precarious position with this venture. I hope they take off and do well but it is a gamble at this point.

In short, I recommend keeping comments that show your intolerance for other peoples' interests to yourself.

ITR4744d ago

You can only hope.

Wally World and Target are pushing the Wii more then ever now.

skynidas4744d ago

...the ps2 is still selling good amount of units in this moment so...the wii is going to be bad selling in the future

ChickeyCantor4744d ago

i dont get your point......
The ps2 is selling good now, so that tells that the Wii will sell bad in the future?.....
and i dont know if you are awake, but the Wii is selling great too.
So in your theory it will sell better in the future. =)

M_Prime4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

we will see how this will go.. but if u think about it.. which console had shortages for 7 months in a ROW? (thats how long the WII has been out), and its not because only a small amount are made its because people are buying them very fast.

Even if Nintendo sells poorly in the future (lets say in 2 years time) they will have a large instal base that is easier to develop for then PS3 and 360 (aka cheaper) so devs will definitly jump on to the WII train.. why do u think the PS2 did so well? games.. and if WII continues to get grade A games (assuming that they will start coming out within a year or so) then more people will buy it.

And lets face if.. if u had kids and they wanted a new video game system and you aren't filthy rich then the WII is the best choice because its the cheapest and comes with a game out of the box. and it also plays ALL GC titles (not like the PS3 and 360 compatability) so u can pick up some cheap GC games to tide ur kids over till u scrape up some cash for WII titles like SSB:BRAL (must have!)

and Nintendo is seeing how big teh WII is so i'm sure they ramped up manufacturing so we will see more WIIs but they will prolly still be a lil hard to find, but a lot easier then during the last few months.

Lucky i got mine DAY 1 :-)

Diselage4744d ago

All the Wii needs is to have some AAA or even AA titles come out for it and it'll be fine.

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