Infinity Ward Community Manager Sparks Anger Due To Absence on Forums, Preference for Twitter

A community moderator by the name of Cokra wrote a post on the official Infinity Ward forums to complain about the company's lack of community presence on its own forums in a wordy, but pointed diatribe.

His argument, which was backed up by many members of the game's community, was a complaint about how the company had been ignoring its forums despite pleas from the community moderators, both private and public, for the company to show some presence.

As the thread grew in traffic and word of the complaint got around the various Modern Warfare2-related blogs, Infinity Ward's community manager FourZeroTwo (a.k.a. Robert Bowling) had no choice but to post a response.

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reintype4243d ago

Good thing I didn't :D

I just hate the callous way IW and Activision treat their fans and their blatant disregard for their concerns. Its like they stop caring the moment they had their money.

So take this lesson to heart, to those of you that have been burned by this. Don't let the hype blind you to their faults, otherwise you're just giving them permission to walk all over you.

RememberThe3574241d ago

I can't even blame IW and Actavition anymore. People are letting themselves get played. It's on them...

Guido4241d ago

Second prestige and 55 levels in. Great title and can honestly say I have not experienced many of the issues some claim to see plaguing the game. Sure there are issues but there were issues with COD4 as well. Not sure what it is but I do stick to hard core team deathmatch most and play later at night. Maybe it's just the times people play...

theunknown4241d ago


Ever consider the possibility of being lucky?

IdleLeeSiuLung4241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

If you actually read the article, you will notice that the mod overstepped their boundaries. Sure, 402 could have handled it better, but none the less. The mod is there to moderate the forums and not fan the flames!

Instead of posting stuff on the public forum, you should try and reach the IW team differently because as a mod technically you are the unpaid face of IW on the forums.

I don't know why, but for some reason users of this site is so hostile and always seem to be looking for some company to hate!

edit: I just realized that most major publisher has been hated on significantly this generation. Capcom, Square Enix, EA and now Activision.

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StillGray4243d ago

Infinity Ward and Robert Bowling got called out on their nonsense and now are paying the PR price. IW has been on the downward slide for a while and this is just part of it.

Honestly, I say all the mods just jump ship and watch the forums crumble into spam and slap fights.

zoks3104243d ago

Nearly 10 million people bought MWF 2 in the frist 2 weeks and this is the thanks they get, poor community support, bugged gameplay, and cheaters.

Guys you need to remeber this the next time IW and ACTI start to hype their next game, these guys only listen to our wallets, so let it do the talking for us.

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