Guitar Hero III Updated Track List

Updated tracks and info about Guitar Hero III.

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nice_cuppa4741d ago

9/10* Paint It Black (by The Rolling Stones)
5/10* Cherub Rock (by Smashing Pumpkins)
9/10* Sabotage (by Beastie Boys)
8/10* The Metal (by Tenacious D)
7/10* My Name is Jonas (by Weezer)
6/10* Knights of Cydonia (by Muse)
6/10* Rock And Roll All Nite (as made famous by Kiss)
8/10* School's Out (as made famous by Alice Cooper)
7/10* Slow Ride (as made famous by Fog Hat)
4/10* Cult of Personality (by Living Colour)
7/10* Barracuda (as made famous by Heart)
9/10* Evenflow (von Pearl Jam)
6/10* Lay Down (von Priestess)

evenflow is the best so far.
my opinion.

FreeMonk4741d ago

Can't wait for a new Guitar Hero WITH Online Co-op!

I really want the 80's version though, but don't want to buy a PS2 guitar and game! Just release the 80's version on the 360 god damit!

eclipsegryph4741d ago

I actually don't understand the allure of online play with this game. Might as well just have a game A.I. to play along since you can't interact with the other player.

sa_nick4741d ago

This article says nothing new, all this news has been around for like a week or more. The game's looking good though... I'm still getting RockBand first though. I think GHIII will have to wait til '08 for me.

Bishop4741d ago

They could do much better then these songs

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