Killzone 1 and Killzone 2 Side by Side

Five years may not seem like a very long time, but in the realm of gaming it's almost an eternity. To illustrate how quickly things can change, Guerrilla has picked ten recurring characters, weapons and places from the Killzone universe.

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mjolliffe4245d ago

If you look at it, the PS2 graphics for Killzone are outstanding for last-gen visuals.

Chubear4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

The graphics back then were amazing. It's crazy how the media dogged this game back then and made sheep gamers actually believe it was "teh worst FPS ever" simply cause it directly threatened "teh mighty halo". The gaming media are not on your side, wake the hell up.

And oh, it's a 4 year time difference not 5. KZ1 came out in NA in Nov 04 and KZ2 was supposed to come out in Nov. 08 but was pushed to feb to make room for R2.

Even then it's 4yrs 3months and not 5yrs.

darthv724244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

Man...something about that game makes me feel nauseous. It is this weird motion sickness when playing kz1 that I dont experience with other fps types. Maybe it is the frame rate but it just gets to me after playing for a minimum of 20 minutes.

I can play kz2 and resistance and even the halo games and not feel this motion sickness.

Anyone else ever get that?

As far as the game goes, I would love to play it out and see where it all began. I actually put kz2 on hold till I played the first. Now I may just go back to kz2 instead.

If I get a sequel before the original, I will tend to get the original and play through that all the way before completing the sequel. I have done it with halo, metroid prime, resistance but in this case I will make an exception with kz2.

edit: @otherwhitemeat...yeah I know it can happen. I been gaming since the early 80's. Only two games have ever made me sick (or worse). Killzone 1 with its choppy framerate makes me feel like I will throw up after half hour. The other game was the gamecube FZero. That one actually triggered a full on seizure. Freaked my son out cause we were playing together and I just lost it. In that case, the framerate was so damn fast and so much flashing colors and lights was enough to set me off.

Thankfully none of my kids have had issues like me.

The_Zeitgeist4244d ago

The controls on Killzone 1 were horrible. I went back and played it again right before Killzone 2 came out and I have to say it really hasn't aged well. Good thing Killzone 2 ended up being one of the best games of this generation.

testerg354244d ago

Chubear, so the media hated Sony back then too? Let me guess, they loved MS and MS paid them back then too. KZ's framerate sucked big time!

OtherWhiteMeat4244d ago

Motion sickness is fairly common while gaming.

Menech4244d ago


The Original Killzone was about as much threat to Halo:CE as a fluffy teddy bear. What on earth are you smoking dude I need to get me some of that.

Halo:CE = legendary fps that many of us have fond memory's off.

Original Killzone = Forgotten mediocre shooter.

Give it up Chubear the media wasn't being unfair, Original Killzone just sucked...

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raztad4244d ago

KZ1 visuals were awesome. They pushed the PS2 limits very hard. I enjoyed KZ1 throughly.

G3TDOWN4244d ago

those graphics on the PS2 look better than some games now on X360 and Ps3... lets not talk about Wii lmao

DatNJDom814244d ago

I ran through this game right before Killzone 2 came out. If you go to and read the story, you'll be surprised how deep it is. I enjoyed the story of Killzone and enjoyed the game. It definitely wasn't perfect, but the game was enjoyable and offered a great story. Killzone 2 was a MAJOR technical improvement over the first. Great job GG.

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Foliage4244d ago

It's funny that the virgins always play the "get laid" card. The only tits you have ever felt were your own kid.

Maybe when you grow up you will find out that the business world isn't all bubbles and cotton candy. Unless your parents carry you the rest of your life. Microsoft's tactics are well documented, this isn't hypothetical. Do some research if you think Microsoft is some almighty company that turns into an orphanage at night and hands out money bags to the poor. The world doesn't work that way. When money is involved, it gets cut throat fast. Microsoft has been selling cruddy products with nothing but hype from the day the idea of "Microsoft" hit Bill Gates while sitting on the can. Don't be fooled by the pretty Microsoft ads, and for your own sake start asking questions and stop taking it in the rearend for a company that doesn't care about you in the least bit.

ZombieNinjaPanda4244d ago


Oh you should see what Fluffy Teddy Bears can do *shudders*

Tony P4244d ago

@Chu: KZ1 wasn't terrible and it wasn't misunderstood genius. Anyone with eyes could tell the game had some pretty constant flaws. But for one, you're revising history to make KZ look hated. It wasn't. It got pretty average to good scores, which is frankly what it deserved. Even Playstation-only publications ranged from great to mediocre.

And tbh if it was overshadowed by Halo, it's not because of some conspiracy. What put Halo 2 over the top (besides kind of unique marketing like ilovebees) was the online and Sony clearly couldn't stand against XBL back then. It might be hard to wrap your head around, but Xbox had the hardware edge back then and took advantage of it. True story.

Also consider the fact that the game was released pretty close to Halo 2. Like what, a week? I mean...whose bright idea was it to put a new IP up against a record breaking franchise just to get steamrolled?

TheDeadMetalhead4244d ago

I think GG should remake Killzone 1, fix the problems that it had (framerate, controls, etc.), improve the graphics a little and release it on PSN. That would be awesome. :D

stiggs4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

This is completely off topic but the Microsoft/Gates Foundation has a charitable financial endowment of almost 40 Billion dollars (40 BILLION!). This private foundation has donated more money to various charities than almost any other philanthropic organization in history. Microsoft may well be a cut-throat business entity (what other type is there?)but their positive impact on the poor and needy can not be dismissed by bias or ignorance.

-A XBOX & PS3 owner.

rezenu4244d ago

MetalHead, that's a good idea. :D

sikbeta4244d ago

I don't know what to say, for me:

KZ1 was pretty good, but media Hated it, don't know why (yeah..right, you don't know)

KZ2 is Amazing, not perfect but really Amazing, but again media was really harsh

When that KZ2 trailer came out, everyone was like "liar, thatz can be truthz", but the game really deliver Awesome Graphics and Gameplay

I hope when KZ3 comes out, Media give a try and be FAIR for once

Gamers FTW!!

DaTruth4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

I can't play GTA when hung over, it makes me want to puke every time. And on long trips when I try to play my PSP in the car, the same sh1t happens.

Aside from that, no real problems with it!

@Stiggs: I keep hearing about these multi-billionaires like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet claiming they will give away their money to the poor... And I keep seeing their net-worths increasing even in the worst financial crisis in 60 years.

They save a bucket load of money in taxes for this crap and they fool people like you into believing they're good people and that's just good business! Bet you Bill Gates announcement corresponds directly with a pending verdict in one of his many anti-trust litigations!

bjornbear4244d ago

but i never touched the single player (friends house)

however, i recall spending WHOLE DAYS just chilling and playing MP on that fantastic game. I looked great too!

KZ2 FPS of choice at the moment =)

ThanatosDMC4244d ago

Where's MGSR with his funny pictures of KZ2??? I'm surprised he's not trolling here.

Anyway, i did wish KZ1 was co-op though. I liked the Half Life PS2 co-op game they had back then. I also loved the guns on KZ1 better than KZ2. The Helghast standard gun had a shotty round for close quarters.

elpresador4244d ago

....last gen overall KZ1 was mediocre but KZ2 was a fast improvement, maybe on the PS4 HAZE 2 will be awesome even though HAze this gen sucked.

ANd Chu, there was no conspiracy last gen r people getting paid off like you think with MS this gen. Hell, more people were drinking the ps2 kool-aide then the xbox kool aide even though it was the more powerful system (sound familiar).

ANyway, KZ1 was forgetable like most FPS games last gen, especially PS2 FPS games. I mean considering sony had basically no online and left it up to developers to implement, that alone killed KZ1. But having bad controls (most everyone agrees with that) a ton of framerate issues, pop in, slowdown, etc compared to halo which was butter smooth, precise controls and overall solid gameplay, no way KZ1 would have done well, and when you have SONY only mags and sights dogging an exclusive, that should tell you about the quality of the game.

Guido4244d ago

They did this because back then, "pink was the new black" and if the game's color palette did not consist of pink and purple firearms, it was it worth mentioning. I am glad to see that they have woken up and realized how stupid a purple gun really looks.

rockleex4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

No they weren't.

The only thing people complained about was the missing "jump" button.

Killzone 1 had one of the best splitscreen AI bots ever. Too bad it was only 2 player splitscreen.

But me and my friends always took turns playing splitscreen against the bots, and you can CLEARLY SEE THE AI BOTS CHANGE THEIR STRATEGY throughout the match depending on how you were playing.

Amazing. O_O

Killzone 1 also introduced next gen animations for an FPS game. Reloading, climbing over objects, climbing a ladder, etc, everything was fully animated like a next gen game.

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garypaytonglove4244d ago

Is that Killzone 1 on the left or is it Rogue Warrior?

lh_swe4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

Then yes Killzone (a last gen game) does come very close which is immensely impressive.

TheDeadMetalhead4244d ago

I can't figure out if your post is bashing Killzone 1 (since Rogue Warrior is horrible), or praising it for looking better than some current-gen games. I must admit, you have thoroughly confused me. Well done, sir.

sikbeta4244d ago

Is just me, or this guys tried to bash KZ1 and end up praising it lol

bjornbear4244d ago

is being insulted...*slaps with glove*

garypaytonglove4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

I wish I was better at putting my thoughts into words. Killzone was impressive for looking that good as a five year-old, last gen game. Somehow I see way too many similarities in textures and graphic quality in Rogue Warrior which just came out a couple weeks ago for far more powerful machines. Unfortunately I was the only one that could have known that was what I was trying to say, and for that I apologize. So in summary, Killzone = Shining Gem of Glory, Rogue Warrior = Stinky Pile of Doody.

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CrashFallen4244d ago

very nice to take a look at em sbs being that i nvr got the chance to check out KZ1.

ReBurn4244d ago

That was pretty cool to see.

SuperStrokey11234244d ago

I dont know why someone would disagree with you on that one, likely some MS fanboy or something.

N1ko4244d ago

There both amazing in terms of graphics.