Bayonetta Trailer Steals Enemy Weapons

Another gameplay trailer from Bayonetta is now available courtesy of Sega. This one focuses on the deadly weapons your enemies wield.

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Chris3994238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

The action sequences are solid, but the rest of the game - characters, visuals, story-line - seem to be in tatters.

Even NG 2 had a more palatable world, and that stuff was pretty over the top. There seems to be a growing trend of reviewers hyping average games to Hell lately.

The Dante's Inferno demo and critical praise come to mind. Gaming is an expensive hobby, and perhaps I'm just more discerning in my tastes or how I spend my dollars. But I can't justify $75 dollars after tax on a game made for what appears to be hyperactive, horny teens.

EvilCackle4238d ago

I think it's a fun game and will probably at least rent it. I'm just curious why they're dumping it in stores right after Christmas.

THE MAX SPEED 214238d ago

that's your opinion but I have to disagree. From what I've played bayonetta might be the next DMC. lol @ Hyperactive teens.


multiplatform and the bots need something to hype to .

EvilCackle4237d ago

Plus it's getting good reviews.