Gears of War suffers Major Exploiting

Trevor Schmidt of writes:

"It's a blast from the past for me watching the Gears of War tournament here at Major League Gaming, a parent company of Having seen the monster PC Gaming title, Counter-Strike, grow competitively before my eyes, I could instantly see the comparison to Gears of War.

From the Boomslang to AWP, to the respawn of players every round; Gears was, to a certain extent, Counter-Strike on the Xbox 360 competitively.

That's not all positive news though.

Just like CS, Gears of War has competitive growing pains to go through. A big one that both MLG and the makers of the game should have seen coming is ghosting."

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Animagi4806d ago

Well..duh. 99% of these "Clans" use ghosting. I'd actually love to see a competitive match where teams didn't glitch, ghost or use host to their advantage. However, in this day and age, that's not likely to happen. Hopefully, bringing this to Epic's attention may do some good in the long run. We can only hope.

Fart_Bubbles4806d ago

that's why I stopped playing gears, fugly frame jumps in heated combat and the stuff this article talks about was enough to make it a NOT enjoyable experience.

on the other hand I have tonssss of fun playing warhawk right now, and the graphics it boasts makes me laugh at xbots who keep talking about Gears like it's the end all be all of gaming.

it's not.

XerockX4806d ago

ok man,we're all entitled to our opinions,but dude,seriously. I play warhawk quite a bit right now,invite me (Abdomina).But how in the hell could you possibly compare the graphics of these two games and seem to think that warhawk even comes close. Gears is still in a league of it's own right now.Don't get me wrong, I'm lovin' the beta and it's great fun, but from a graphical perspective, gears beats the bloody hell outta warhawk.Since the game battles are on such a large scale, it would take a whole lotta time and effort to populate the maps with the same amount of detail gears has.

Fart_Bubbles4806d ago

it's all a matter of opinion anyway, but let me get some new batteries for my digi cam and I will post shots of both games and I will point out where Warhawk clearly outdoes Gears by a longshot.

Textures are sharper in Warhawk, as you mentioned the scale of warhawk makes gears look the size of table tennis, I see absolutely no frame jumps in warhawk while gears you pretty much have to adjust to them in order to get kills. Kind of like a guess and shoot approach since the framerate is not fast enough to accurately target an opponent 3 ft in front of you. There's been many times where you see someone turn a corner, you aim and next thing you know it jumps the animation of your head popping like a balloon. And you're talking to someone that was a beast with the railgun in quake 3.

SlippyMadFrog4805d ago

I realy don't know what you are talking about. I have played Gears over and over again and never experienced these "frame jumps". If your camera can record vids, record a frame jump and post it, maybe then people will take you seriously with this matter but still, I would say you are talking rubbish!!

Daxx4806d ago

Yeah Gears's multiplayer used to be a bunch of fun but I can't play it anymore without going into a fit of rage because of those no good glitchers. My clan left MLG and stopped playing in the NXGamers league for GoW because of all the cheating and glitching going on.

TrenchaunT4806d ago

In the last patch, the major glitches were all fixed: weapon sliding, chainsaw glitch, glitch movement. I haven't played much lately but last I saw it was a HUGE improvement. I don't think ghosting is that big of an issue either in the games I've been in, but I am not a clan player. But I think in ranked matches the camera views are disabled and all you can do is follow a teammate. That's fine; I mean, you can't see anything more than they can see. And it would suck to stare at nothing but blackness while you're dead. So I don't see anything wrong with Gears. It is a very hard game to get good at in multiplayer, but not impossible. I find it a lot more fun than other shooters because of its intense strategy elements, but I don't like playing it every single day.

ChaosKnight4806d ago

@ azcoyote, they fixed the weapon sliding glitch, but another one was found with the left bumper =P But yea, there are a few cheating moves that really bum me out. Luckily I play with only my friends now so it doesn't bother me that much =P Hopefully Epic will fix it in another patch and avoid another glitch to be found.

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