WiiConnect 24 disconnected for the UK

A new law may force Nintendo to remove a huge part of the upcoming system. WiiConnect 24 takes advantage of a standby feature to allow the Wii system to be 'always-on'. Whilst it remains on, Nintendo and your friends may be able to send messages or 'phone' your system, visit and interact with your town in Animal Crossing, and send downloads to your system, amongst other features. The new law means that Nintendo may have to rule out this feature for the UK, which may also mean that the UK becomes treated as it's own entity, rather than part of the European region.

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what the hell?!

i feel sorry for my brothers back in england...

FreeMonk6287d ago

It makes me laugh that our British Governement are more interested in standby eradication than giving Paedophiles, murderers, burgeler the proper sentences they instead of 1-2 years for raping a 2 year old girl.


Marriot VP6287d ago

hey that's the messed up judicial in most democratic societies. I hate it to.


hmmm. i think the UK would need the death penalty to give some justice to those people.

this is insane, by the way, ALL electronics will cost more in england now, and products like the wii will be downgraded at the cost to the consumer. if i was back in england i would be livid over this crap.

Smellslikepie6286d ago

There is no way ANY country can be better off with the death penatly THELANDOFSAND. That's just ludacrous, an eye for an eye is not a good way of running a country. It's possible to re-educate and rehabilitate criminals if you do it effectively.

I don't think this is insane at all. Getting rid of standby is a very good thing to do. 8% of England's energy is consumed by electronics that are 'off'.

"But what about convenience and remote controls?" Well, I'd rather sacrifice convenience for a better way of living. You shouldn't be "livid over this crap" you should accept it as it's a step forward. And how do you figure that all electronics will be more expensive in england?

THELANDSOFSAND6286d ago (Edited 6286d ago )

i think if you rape a 2 year old girl you should die. sorry.

but this is about games. and yes, the UK is looking for a STUPID law if they want stand-by mode removed from their electronics.

Smellslikepie6286d ago

No one deserves to be killed. Punished, but definitely NOT killed. That's just absurd and barbaric.

This is about more than games, and I think England is taking a step forward in helping to preserve our resources. Why is it stupid to remove standby from electronics. You know it's just a myth that leaving it on standby is better for it than turning it off then turning it on later. Except for CRT monitors.. I think it's better for them.

THELANDSOFSAND6286d ago (Edited 6286d ago )


hmm. now, i think the uk would be better off investing in some enviromentally friendly way to generate 8% electricity to cover the standby charge- like hydro, solar or wind.

all electronics in england will have to be specially modified for the english market, thus they will cost more.

wii gamers deserve the same service in england as in the rest of the world- that goes for all electronics people pay for in the UK. what next? banning all electrical goods because they use up too much electricity?


the english government is really stupid.

Schmitty076286d ago

They are sick people and deserve to die.

RelloC6286d ago

If you even touch a child in that manner, you should be publicly executed by the child's father, however he chooses.

Dick Jones6286d ago

No one deserves to be killed SmellslikePie? Maybe in your happy go lucky world of Pie Fookers but back here in reality people actually have to make the big decesions in order to help keep defenseless left wing moon bat liberal scum like you alive and out of harms reach.

Smellslikepie6285d ago

Like it's a bad thing to be a liberal. Come on, think about what you're saying. Hitler or Ghandi? You decide. Seriously, I can't think of any good right wing people. I really don't think that anything warrants being killed, even if you kill someone else, there's a chance that that person can be re-educated and be sorry for what he/she has done. What about the people who kill the pedophiles? Them's murderers! What're going to do with murderers, eh? "Well they're murdering for a good cause". Sure they are, mate. The world would be a much better place if run by the left wing, instead of oppressed. That's just my opinion. I'm STRONGLY against murder, of any kind.

"banning all electrical goods because they use up too much electricity?" - that's not even funny, conserving energy is a big deal. And like zonetrooper5 said it should be USA and China that cut down. I agree with that but also think this law ought to be adopted by each nation/ country as it's really a step forward. I can't think of any arguments against it, can you? I'd really like to hear them.

Witewunder6285d ago

You have to know that some people do not have a conscious (psychopaths), smellslikepie. What do you do with them? Imprisonment for the rest of their life? Also, are you willing to try and re-educate a violent sex offender and place them back on the street? Over 80% will re-offend. Have fun with that on your conscious when they harm more children. I agree that killing is not the answer for all but the most heinous of crimes, but come on, re-education so they feel sorry for what they have done? Not going to happen.

I am sure there are more ways to cut energy usage than making this law. Hey, how about cutting down the amount of T.V. American's watch, that would save the world a ton.

Smellslikepie6285d ago

Hmm, I don't know what you're supposed to do with psycopaths. But I think that life imprisonment would be better than killing them, wouldn't you? I mean, they're away from the 'law-abiding' community, and allowed to keep their lives. I'm just really against capital punishment. But, this site is about games as some one said further up the thread, so let's just respect the fact that we have different views on the subject and it'd take a long to resolve these. This is definitely not the right place to do it.

Ha, I agree with the cutting down on Americans watching T.V :P. Infact (I'm from England, btw), I don't watch any television, but I'm far from being a saint when it comes to electronics. I tend to have my TV and 360 on a lot of the time, and of course, there's my computer. I bet they'll use a lot of power.

To be honest, I really don't think that this law is a bad thing. We need to cut down on the amount of energy we use and if there IS a big drain from electronics on standby (8%) then perhaps it's best to eradicate that?

This law will not affect the Wii. It'll definitely affect the next generation of consoles, but the current generation (360, PS3 and Wii) won't be affected. It'll be a year or so before we see this become a law. I have no doubt that it will get passed but it won't really help reducing the consumption of energy until 10 - 20 years, because many people already have fully functioning TVs, Radios, Audio Players.

But yeah, can I hear some of your reasons AGAINST this law? I'm quite interested.

ironwolf6285d ago

"Liberalism is a philosophy invented by elitists to make western civilization feel good about itself while it commits suicide."

Comparing Ghandi and Hitler, and implying Hitler was a right winger. Sorry mate, Hitler was a socialist; Churchill was a right winger. It sounds like my marxist classmates have taken over the schools over there as well.

Smellslikepie6285d ago

No, Hitler was extreme right wing. The philosophies of the nazis and, infact, fascism in general, is an extreme form of nationalism. And Nationalism is a right wing construct/ ideology. The Nazi philosophy was based on racism with the Germans being the master race. That's a right wing philosophy.

Hitler was opposed to Marxism and this is demonstrated in his writings. Communists were among those persecuted by Hitler and the nazis.

Hitler wasn't a socialist but he was a member of the National Socialist German Workers Party. Which is also known as the Nazi party. Which is most definitely right wing.

Dick Jones6285d ago

Since we cannot Kill these people in the most extremely painful and long drawn out manner, just killing them by painlessly puting them to sleep with lethal injection or a bullet to the head is too good for them. Life in Prison is cruel and unusual enough punishment, although I still think they need to bring back the rack and hold televised death matches in prison.

Smellslikepie6285d ago

Ah, you're seeing sense, D!ck Jones :P . I like the subject of your post; "For probally the only time, I agree with you smells like pie", I've only just started commenting and already people despise me, eh? Well, anyway... Back on topic.. What are your (as in everyones) reasons for being against this? (this being the article)

Dick Jones6285d ago

I'm not against the article, I'm for it. Somebody's got to take up the slack for us energy hungry americans. In fact I propose more countries other than the US follow suit, kinda like the Kyoto treaty.

ironwolf6285d ago

"In 1919 Anton Drexler, Gottfried Feder and Dietrich Eckart formed the German Worker's Party (GPW) in Munich. The German Army was worried that it was a left-wing revolutionary group and sent Adolf Hitler, one of its education officers, to spy on the organization. Hitler discovered that the party's political ideas were similar to his own. He approved of Drexler's German nationalism and anti-Semitism but was unimpressed with the way the party was organized. Although there as a spy, Hitler could not restrain himself when a member made a point he disagreed with, and he stood up and made a passionate speech on the subject.

Anton Drexler was impressed with Hitler's abilities as an orator and invited him to join the party. At first Hitler was reluctant, but urged on by his commanding officer, Captain Karl Mayr, he eventually agreed. He was only the fifty-fourth person to join the German Worker's Party. Hitler was immediately asked to join the executive committee and was later appointed the party's propaganda manager.

In the next few weeks Hitler brought several members of his army into the party, including one of his commanding officers, Captain Ernst Roehm. The arrival of Roehm was an important development as he had access to the army political fund and was able to transfer some of the money into the GWP.

The German Worker's Party used some of this money to advertise their meetings. Adolf Hitler was often the main speaker and it was during this period that he developed the techniques that made him into such a persuasive orator.

Hitler's reputation as an orator grew and it soon became clear that he was the main reason why people were joining the party. This gave Hitler tremendous power within the organization as they knew they could not afford to lose him.

In April, 1920, Hitler advocated that the party should change its name to the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP). Hitler had always been hostile to socialist ideas, especially those that involved racial or sexual equality. However, socialism was a popular political philosophy in Germany after the First World War. This was reflected in the growth in the German Social Democrat Party (SDP), the largest political party in Germany.

Hitler, therefore redefined socialism by placing the word 'National' before it. He claimed he was only in favour of equality for those who had "German blood". Jews and other "aliens" would lose their rights of citizenship, and immigration of non-Germans should be brought to an end.

In February 1920, the NSDAP published its first programme which became known as the "Twenty-Five Points". In the programme the party refused to accept the terms of the Versailles Treaty and called for the reunification of all German people. To reinforce their ideas on nationalism, equal rights were only to be given to German citizens. "Foreigners" and "aliens" would be denied these rights.

To appeal to the working class and socialists, the programme included several measures that would redistribute income and war profits, profit-sharing in large industries, nationalization of trusts, increases in old-age pensions and free education."

Note the last paragraph. Socialism by any other name is still socialism. Socialists are not necessarily communists and can be hostile to them. Note Western Europe's hostility to the Soviet Union during the 70 Years War (also known as the Cold War. Note also that the current political techniques of the left were developed and first used by the Nazies, i.e. Political Correctness/slash redefinition of language, centralized control of a national school system, criminalization of religious beliefs, banning of literature critical of the party line, de-huminization of those that do not agree with the party line, and my current favorite, using courts to redefine laws to suit the party line.

ironwolf6285d ago

I aquired a degree in European history before the university system was taken over by the Ward Churchill crowd.

ironwolf6285d ago

I spent a lot of years patroling the East/West borders before most of these jakanapes were born, so I have a low tolerance for political ignorance.

Smellslikepie6285d ago

"Hitler, therefore redefined socialism by placing the word 'National' before it. He claimed he was only in favour of equality for those who had "German blood". " - This is a right wing ideology. He uses the moniker of socialism to spread his word because "socialism was a popular political philosophy in Germany after the First World War".

It even says "Hitler had always been hostile to socialist ideas, especially those that involved racial or sexual equality."

What I read from this is that Hitler was right wing but spread his ideas through a seemingly socialist party. But changed it to become national socialist. And... these are opposites aren't they? Socialism being left wing, nationalism right wing.

Can you explain please?

ironwolf6285d ago

State owner ship of the means of production is socialism i.e left, raw capitalism is right. He modified socialism only by changing the tenents of equality for all to equality for all aryans. This was the only difference between the NSDAP and the GWP.

ironwolf6285d ago

People that claim affiliation with the Nazis today are extreme right wingers, the are not dedicated or even interested in socialism; they are vested only in various racist causes.

Smellslikepie6285d ago

Right, I'm with you so far. So, what about the Nationalism?

Hmm, I guess you're right. I'll remember that for future debates :P. ('ve never, and it's quite obvious, studied history. I've been more into the arts, as I've studied Art, English Lit and Film. So you can excuse my lack of knowledge of politics)

ironwolf6285d ago

I went away to fix a salad. The nationalism was what Hitler used to rally the german people against their perceived oppressors the WWI allies. He was himself a nationalist all along but knew nationalism by itself would not rally the people. Remember, Germany had been a united country for only about 50 years, the german people had not yet trully come to view themselves as Germans; they were Hessians and Bavarians and Prussians. Germany was in the throws of one of the worst economic recessions in history, long before it struck the rest of the world. Hitler used the promise of socialism and the racist/nationalist blaming of the Jews and communists to rally the people behind him and eventually elect him chancellor.