Alienware's Hangar18 to get Blu-ray by fall

We reported a few days ago about Alienware's Hangar18: HD Entertainment Center that allows you to record and play back high-definition content in up to 1080p via an HDMI output, delivers the pristine audio quality of an onboard 5.1 surround sound amplifier and offers up to 2TB of hard drive space to store a lifetime's worth of digital media content. However, the inclusion of a Blu-ray burner was originally planned for Hangar18, but the company ran into difficulties.......


Correction for "we" did not make it in time.

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FordGTGuy4742d ago

Post an article when get Blu-Ray RWs.

Gatlin4741d ago

I have one of their laptops for two years now and as a hardcore pc its worth every dime spent on it. It really value for money not just adding the cost of parts

omansteveo4741d ago

I cant beat this song on Expert...:(

fury4741d ago

Just like the XBOX360!!

id dot entity4741d ago

I think that Alienware is a great company with great products. But the fact that their products are SO expensive is a big downside for me. Not overrated, just overpriced.

I didn't know Alienware was working on this by the way. Looks cool.