Tomb Raider Anniversary "definitely" coming to 360

Lara's latest is indeed coming to Xbox 360 an insider tells CVG.

Earlier an ESRB listing was revealed for an Xbox 360 version of Tomb Raider: Anniversary, which looked likely to hit the console via Xbox Live download.

When contacted Eidos gave CVG a swift "no comment" on the listing, but a source inside the company told them that the 360 version of Anniversary is "definitely" on the way.

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KoolMan4735d ago

now Lara wont be alone. Having Drake doing her job she can take that vacation(pic) :D

AcidRhain4735d ago

I can't bare play it on the ps2 after playing Legends on the 360. I'm glad Eidos loves the 360 so much and obviously doesn't show the same love to the PS3.

sumfood4u4735d ago

Will she be trying to find her kids? j/k!

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