Inside the Warhawk Beta: Part 2 of 2 has posted part two of the Warhawk beta testers detailed discussion on the Warhawk beta.

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PlayStation3604741d ago

I haven't played this game yet. But from what I hear, EVERYONE whos played this game enjoys it. I plan on getting this when it releases. The disc version w/ headset. I'm glad to hear it has a ribbon/medals system like resistance. I didn't know it had that.

Kleptic4741d ago

"The horn is played in full 7.1 surround *with* accurate Doppler simulation"

That is seriously as cool as it gets...

this and halo 3 (obviously) are going to rule ISP's all fall...but after already listening to this in Dolby TrueHD...I can't imagine how good it will be after they perfect it...Listening to a warhawk behind you launch a series of swarm missles, that realistically fade in an out of the primary surround speakers as they approach your vehicle/warhawk/person, is the coolest thing audio wise I have heard ever in a video game...too bad it was at a friend's...i didn't get into the beta...and do not have a TrueHD reciever yet...

MannyHarlem1414741d ago

I saw a guy with flame decals on his chernovan warhawk.. i can only get that plane either all noir (black) or red and white. I can't customize my characters either, I can only change their skin tone and hue in the beta.

and, anyone know when the update to the beta will be available.. i'm tired of the bugginess, eventhough i'm irreversably addicted

Kleptic4739d ago

all the customization that can be done is based on the "level" system they are trying to employ...the more experience you get, the more stuff you can do to your character and Warhawk...

its pretty much like Resistance's system...which is an awesome one at that, despite the supreme commander game saves people get (download a game save online that has the game beat on the inhuman difficulty or whatever, and you can have your dude have a exposed skull)...but its the same in how the more you play and the better your K:D ratio, higher you rank in each match, etc...the more you can do to your character...

SafeRat4741d ago

Hopefully gunna buy this as a disc with a headset when it comes out. Grrr, wish I had been picked for the Beta!

LSDARBY4741d ago

The beta is awsome, one of the best online games ive ever played. Does anyone know if the final game will make use of home's trophy/achievment system.

PlayStation3604741d ago

When sony showed the hall of fame demo thing. They had a warhawk trophy in a trophy case. So there's a good chance they'll have entitlements/milestones in warhawk.

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