Burn360: The Top 5 Worst Gaming Trends on the Xbox 360 for 2009

Burn360 writes: There's plenty that we're happy for that occurred in 2009. But looking at the bright side is for optimists, this year a few alarming trends started to develop for Xbox360 owners. While there's probably enough for a top 20 Here's our 5 Worst Gaming Trends on the Xbox 360 2009. We'll give you at #1 hint it starts with Ex and ends with Clusive

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THE MAX SPEED 214237d ago

Pretty Much Agrees with the article. I just dint like the following phrase.

"Hopefully Reach will be all that it is expected to be and the 360 exclusive will rise again."

Sounds like he's putting all his Hope into that single game .I'm way more hyped for SC:C , Alan wake ,Crackdown 2 , Fable 3 and ME2 and hope they come out Good.