New Nintendo Wii Controller Details Released

This article discusses and describes all the new Wii details. Wii camera? Powered by two AA batteries? Yes, and yes. The Nintendo Wii, truly revolutionary, is set to launch before the Thanksgiving holiday. The price of the console is not yet known, but we know that it will not retail above $250. Controller prices are also not yet known. Nintendo is expected to make an announcement and unveil all of the features to the public in September, around a month and a half away.

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specialguest6161d ago

hey look, the Wii's controlpad has 2 analog stick at the exact location as the playstation controlpad. also, there's a home button right in the center just like the 360 controlpad. so howcome nobody's complaining? hmm...

see how silly and hypocritical you people who complained about copying are now?

RelloC6161d ago

that was just.... aw, fuk it.