IncGamers - MMO Weekly: The Humans-Only Mistake

Do MMO developers keep making the same mistake when designing new games by omitting the option to create varied races? IncGamers' Jeff Hollis thinks so...

"If you're publishing an MMO in which players can only play as humans, you are alienating a significant portion of your potential customers. There is a large number of players that want to play gnomes, trolls, or other equally exotic characters. If you, as a developer, don't extend that option to them, they simply won't play your game."

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thetamer3322d ago

I'm making an MMO, it's going to be exclusively populated with Tiger Woods. You can play as many games of golf with as many Tigers as you like, and then sleep with as many women as you feel necessary. It's going to be the Tiger MMO model which will go down in history as the best MMO ever.

Leord3322d ago

Sounds like fun! EA-funded?

3322d ago
Fyzzu3322d ago

I'm not sure I agree. It's possible that it's a factor, in that it adds variety - even if it's largely superficial variety - but I'd argue it's more a coincidence that a big reason for failure.

AndyA3322d ago

Agreed, the option is often welcome but not linked with success IMO.

Maticus3322d ago

I mainly play humans in MMOs, so it really doesn't effect me personally. Games like Aion, which seem to be doing quite well, don't offer race choices either, so I don't think it's essential.

However, if you look at games like WoW and WAR, the proportion of players that opt for non-human is quite large, so there is something in it.

Leord3322d ago

I think you can use *roles* to make come humans be more like "trolls" etc. Basically having more or less physically attractive characters, having weird cultures etc. There are ways to emulate "races" by just being flexible with what you consider "human" :)

Malfurion3322d ago

I hate playing Humans. The reason we play MMOs is to get a bit of escapism, take on the role of someone else. I like to get the feeling I'm someone/thing totally different. Sometimes it's cool to be an elf, other times I want to play a monster.

Dorjan3322d ago

I totally agree that we play MMOs to escape but I like to place MYSELF in a new world doing cool and new things, not some alien.

And guess what, I'm Human!

However I agree that it is nice to have the options but I've rarely if ever taken them.