Trials HD - BIG Pack DLC

RedLynx has release a new trailer from the new BIG Pack DLC.

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Rob Hornecker4245d ago

I love this game! Thank you for the DLC for it. How this game didn't win the best down load able game at this years VGA is beyond reason. That flower crap for the ps3 has to be one of the most B O R I N G games i've ever seen!!!!

pushergreen4245d ago

Agree 100% this is one of the coolest and most satisfying games i have played in some time, and unlike flower it requires skill. Imagine that a game that requires learning, patience and ninja reflexes to be good at...weird. Anyhow, it is awesome this game sold well enough(outsold shadow complex?) to justify DLC, its gonna be great I am sure. Its TRIALS TIME!!!

thereapersson4245d ago

For many others, including the judges at the show (however much of a farce it really is), Flower was deemed worth enough of an award. ThatGameCompany has made some of the most unique games of this generation, and you should at least give them the credit they deserve.

Rob Hornecker4244d ago

I will give "flower" this it's inovative and might be just the thing to get you girlfriend/wife into playing a video game instead of b*tching about YOU playing video games. Hey sometimes you got to try any thing!

For me Trials HD is a BLAST to play and for the money ,you can't beat it! As for what I would like to see in future DLC for it would be a open environment with some tight trails with steep hills,trees,roots,and drop offs to deal with. If you have ever seen Trials riders in person ,it is like ballet on 2 wheels....truly amazing!

freeman294245d ago

This game is really fun.

pushergreen4245d ago

Flower is gay end of fu*kin story. You said yourself, the vgas were lame, then you insult us true gamers over something that should be toatally obvious. Flower is a fu*king joke just like most PS3 gaymers, what a queermo game.... tool!