Confirmed: Sony lay off 80 contingent testers in Foster City

From PS3 Attitude: "Over the last two months, a number of people working at the Foster City First Party Quality Assurance have known they are living on borrowed time as SCEA look to consolidate their team.

The news that 30 full time positions were to be axed broke recently as Patrick Seybold confirmed the strategic plans for the region, but the contract position losses were unclear. PS3 Attitude can now reveal, thanks to an inside source, the extent of the cuts..."

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RememberThe3574240d ago

Hopefully some of them can be rehired. With all the the games coming out the next year Sony is going to need as many QA tests as they can get their hands on.

Brodiesan4240d ago

Why do people always get laid off around Christmas?!

lightningsax4240d ago

It probably has to do with the start and end of fiscal years. That's usually when the new budgets get put into practice, and unfortunately that's when the boot comes out.

I feel pretty bad for QA people this year, they're getting fired left and right. Like Remember said, companies need these guys to produce and refine great games, and cutting back is a bad sign.

majiesto4240d ago

Tis a shame. Let's hope they can find jobs quickly. I wish them all the best.

Demon55004240d ago (Edited 4240d ago )

It all ways happens around this time of the year, now some family's will have a hard Christmas. I hope they got payed a large some before being made redundant.

But I stand by my beliefs that sony need to start re-organizing there strategy with the ps3 brand now, Charge a monthly fee for PSN, An optional charge for home server space, if you like that thing? And start making money from all options they have, If you stand by your brand, then you will have to invest in there service? or topics like this news article will become more common?