CPS-3 Encryption Scheme Broken

It's taken awhile, ten years to be exact, but Andreas Naive has successfully managed to break the protection on Capcom's CPS-3 arcade system board. The CPS-3 powered less than a dozen arcade classics, including JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Red Earth, and Street Fighter III.

The security system of the CPS-3 was rather advanced for its time. Any tampering to the game's security cartridge would result in the decryption key being erased, thereby rendering the respective cartridge useless.

So, the decryption is broken, what does this all mean? In one word: Emulation. Now that the decryption task is done, the folks over at MAME have already started work on a CPS-3 emulator.

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Diselage4743d ago

Oh you hackers who have no lives, I admire and pity you. Thanks for the emulation.

Bloodmask4743d ago

but I didn't know if the readers who frequent this site were into emulation. Anyway hacking the CPS3 is cool bc now you can get SF3 on your PC.

Geohound4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

it's the chip set that certain arcade machines ran on? Ever play Marvel Vs. Capcom? Well that chip set, or arcade board, was known as CPS-2. CPS itself is short for Capcom Play System... and led to a great many games for the arcades. Anybody who ever bad mouths Capcom is a idiot..(I'm looking at you, upset DMC4 PS3 Fanboys)

The CPS-3 was the third Capcom Play System, and ran few games, but is an amazing 2d graphics system. It's been worked on for about 10 years, and now the encryption has been cracked.

For more, detailed info, see:

Geohound4743d ago

they'll upgrade winkawaks to include the cps-3 emulation.... that'll make a all-around cps-1,cps-2,and cps-3 emulator... now to work on NAOMI so I can play MVC2...

Bloodmask4743d ago

by your knowledge of the capcom arcade boards.
You are what I would classify as a true gamer and not a fanboy. You probably already know this but there are fully functioning Dreamcast/Naomi emulators out there...and they are just about done incorporating this emulation into mame. So pretty soon you will have your MvC2.....if you don't already have it for Dreamcast.

Happy Gaming

sumfood4u4743d ago

CPS~3 Sounds like C3PO cousin or something!

LightofDarkness4743d ago

I've been waiting nigh on 5 years for this, ever since CPS-2 was decrypted by Raz. Everyone expected CPS-3 would sonn follow suit but boy were we wrong, eh? I'd love to know how he did it, regardless. WARZARD AND STREET FIGHTER 3!!! WHOOOOO!!! Even though I already own SF3:3rd Strike on my DC, but still.

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