Rumor: Bell Canada to team up with Sony to provide affordable PS3 bundle

Last year Canadians were able to purchase the Xbox 360 Holiday Bundle from Bell Canada at $59.95 a month on a 3 year contract. This bundle included a Wireless Bell Sympatico Network modem, an Xbox 360, 3 games (GRAW, NHL '07 & Xbox Live Vol. 1), 1250 marketplace points and a 3 month Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Well this holiday season, Sony will apparently be teaming up with Bell Canada to provide their own Playstation 3 Holiday Bundle which will work along the same lines at the Xbox 360 bundle payments. The bundle is suppose to include 4 games.

At the moment this bundle is only a rumor but if it is true, then Canadians will finally have an affordable way to get their hands on a Playstation 3.

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wolfgang4742d ago

This would be suprising as the partnership between Bell and MS isn't over.

Kokoro4742d ago

I was looking to buy a 360 there, it would have cost me 700$ plus in total.

kspraydad4742d ago

There is NO attribution in this 'story' whatsoever. A rumour generally has a this case it looks like gamergirls IS the source.

MS and Bell have a current marketing relationship that runs past the end of this year so it would be surprising if this actually happened.

Boink4742d ago

this was stupid specualtion.

also I'm in canada, and anyone who would want to stay with bell for 3 years is stupid, and that goes for a 360 or a ps3, bell just ain't worth it:)

but yeah, bell and MS are partners, this just won't happen, whoever came up with it should be smacked for lack of research.

sumfood4u4742d ago

Does the Package come with Canadian~Bacon or something?