Casual Games - What Women Want

Stevie Case of CasualGaming writes:

I have vivid memories of gaming in my dorm room in 1996. Heady among them are the endless nights I spent logging onto Quake servers (by manually typing a known server IP into the in-game console, natch) and then raining rocket fire on countless opponents without mercy. It hadn't occurred to me in those early days that there was something, well, weird going on there. And yet there I was – a woman – fragging like a man.

Gaming has come so far since then that it's tough to explain to the neo-gamers that have joined our ranks just what it was like. Indeed there were so few female hardcore Quake players that I could name most of them by handle to this day. It's fair to say that female gamers were treated as a novelty back then, and lavished with attention when we were found. The casual games market as we know it didn't exist, so there was no fallback position to point to for female gamers.

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