Endurance: Halo: Reach Proves Xbox 360 has it

Notice the image above? It's meant to display the lasting pull of the Xbox 360. Ever since the new Halo: Reach trailer was unveiled, the internet has been in an uproar. Some questioned the validity of the showing while believers were awestruck, and now the speculations run endless. But there's one thing that Bungie's biggest effort yet demonstrates: Xbox 360 has staying power and will stand next to PS3 for years to come; this must be reassuring to Microsoft.

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Bungie3232d ago


wait till Alan Wake and Mass Effect 2

your mind will be BLOWN away

kaveti66163232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

The amount of ass-kissing going on in this article would give anyone a venereal disease.

"Ever since the new Halo: Reach trailer was unveiled, the internet has been in an uproar."

Rawr. Melodramatic overhyped bull at its finest. This is the biggest problem that high-profile games face today. Great games are hyped to be godly games, and all games have fallen short of that hype. Believe the hype? I think not.

"and the 360 managed to outsell the PS3 by over 100,000 units in the that month, throwing even some of the most seasoned analysts off their game."

Okay, I'm happy that 360 does well in its home territory. Go to Japan and look at the large gap between PS3 sales and 360 sales. Whatever loss the PS3 suffered in NA, it made up for in Japan.

Now, I don't want to go off on a useless tangent about sales, but ultimately, who do you think is happier with their sales this year? Sony has been selling so many units that they're running out. Microsoft did an excellent job with securing advertising rights for MW2 to get its sales up but the worldwide impact is going to be poor. I don't want to sound like a Sony fanboy, and I think most people who have read my comments know that I defend the 360 heavily and I try to be unbiased as possible, but the kind of sucking up going on in this article is truly unacceptable.

And to think that all of this stemmed from an unremarkable trailer that showed absolutely no action and very little of anything. Come on. All this hype building around an insignificant trailer, and now imagine how much hype is going to be built around other images and trailers following this one. People are going to hype this game to hell and back, and then when it comes out, how many more people are going to be disappointed?

And IGN, EDGE, Eurogamer, Gamespot, 1UP, and all the rest are going to hesitate to find criticisms of the game, either because they'll be bought off by MS or they just don't want to upset the many fans.

Stop the hype, people!!!

And to be honest, the trailer was very underwhelming. I've seen the 360 pull off greater feats than what was in that trailer. Resident Evil 5 looked better than that. Gears 2 looked better than that. Forza 3's photomode and replay mode kill that Reach trailer.

JokesOnYou3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

He's always off the mark with his analysis, Yes the 360 does have staying power, but anybody besides a tunnel vision sony extremist could have told you that BEFORE we saw Reach. 360 been out a year longer and has not had to reduce its price as much as the ps3 to remain competitive, and even with a redesign slim model+price drop only 2 short months ago 360 had over a 100k lead in the US for Nov, all while ps3 released some decent exclusives and their most hyped exclusive UC2 about a month ago, 360 with the strength of a great multi game, a really good exclusive and a great racer still easily stood toe toe with ps3's best lineup so far. 360 is set to have its best year, so awesome games like Reach are just going to continue to further Cement 360's place this gen as a truly great console no matter what sony does.

@kaveti, I completely disagree with you about Reach's visuals...the lighting was awesome with some amazing detail in the armor, the new tone/color with the grittier look really looks on par or better than anything else on consoles. Its not just me alot of people think Bungie has done a great job pushing the game forward visually. Yes Reach will be over-hyped, but so has all the top tier biggest exclusives on ps3 and 360. KZ2 was analyzed everywhere for months, UC2 was hyped forever and it all started long before there was any lenghthy gameplay trailers. I'm sorry Halo-hype bothers YOU so much, you could simply ignore Halo threads and let folks who want to know every detail enjoy it, oh btw I hate this site and I dont buy anything good they have to say about Halo as gospel but then again I dont buy any fo all the other fanboy headlines this site often gets approved for regularly on n4g.


Nathan1233232d ago

Lol Kaveti let the guys be in their fantasy world for once.

A world where America=World
A world where Multi plats are regarded as exclusive (GOW3 vs Beyonetta, Infamous vs Prototype...)
A world where a 360 game produces UC2 or KZ2 graphics
A world where they defend Microshaft to the worlds end (Bububu they give 3 years warranty, Bububu ODST isn't an expansion, Bububu Motion controls sucks first but now are second coming of God as we get an Eye toy rip off..).

Can't wait to see the disappointed faces when Reach comes out. Then the usual Bububu Grafix != Gameplay.

Skip_Bayless3232d ago

Alan Wake has good graphics but it's not going to impress. Just watch the trailers and you can see parts that aren't polished. On a HDTV those graphics will get magnified and look worst. Mass Effect 2 engine is just updated even though it is impressive. And Bungie is never known for making top of the line graphics. Right now the best looking games on 360 are Bioshock and Gears 2.

deadpoole3232d ago

Halo Reach might have it (Ill see when ingame gameplay is released) ... but this article writer doesnt have it for sure, seriously I hate people when they open their without thinkin wtf they're sayin.

littletad3232d ago

And hope each one does we'll. But it's obvious Reach will have the most impact on the 360's longevity.

Why o why3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

i stand corrected..........twice in an hour *bows head* Either you've changed or i just got you totally wrong about where you use your 'passion'...being wrong feels good sometimes


yeah guy that trailer DID look great but ill wait for gameplay footage before i make comments about anything being on par or better than anything on any other console;) Oh yeah, can you make a comment without mentioning 'sony loyalist's ©' lol its been like 2 years now since the relapse...also we ALL knew you'd like whatever you saw just like you did odst so no surprises there but bungie have definitely upped the anti and that IS a good thing....Next year will be interesting

MGSR THE HD VERSION3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

"The amount of ass-kissing going on in this article would give anyone a venereal disease.

bla,bla,bla,bla,bla,bla,bla,b la,bla,bla"

hey (kaveti6616 ) that was a real nice speech, I'm really happy for you and your anger and I'm going to let you finish.

but halo reach rapes killzone 2!!!!!

you want proof.

there you go.


halo reach has way more polygons in their main characters.

Darkeyes3232d ago

@Above... You compare KZ2 in game to some in engine cut scene shown... way to go. Why not I compare those GT5 in engine videos they showed off of Ferrari and then say how realistic PS3 games look. And please, KZ2 already is trumped on the PS3 by a game called UC2 and games like Heavy Rain and GOW3 already are on UC2s back. 360 WILL always play catch with PS3 with PS3 games trumping each other in the visual department. By the time Reach comes out, KZ2 will be nearly 2 years old and probably KZ3 will be announced which will put Reach to shame in the graphics department... Yet again you will play catch.

If you think those character models look good, see some Heavy Rain models which are actually in game. Again play catch mate.

RememberThe3573232d ago

@MGSR: Of course your going to fanboy it up. You never fail... Heres a quick rebuttal: The amount of polygons on a character does not dictate how good a game looks. What made Killzone 2 look so damn good what the amount of things going on on screen while also pushing such crisp graphics.

Anyway, the trailer didn't blow me away but it did impress me. The updated engine looks really nice and I love the idea of a prequel. Halo:CE is one of my favorite games and I've only just been satisfied by a Halo title since by ODST. I'm really hoping this next entry is as satisfying as the first entry.

GUNS N SWORDS3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )


it does look good though.


spare me the details (Darkeyes -) ghost busters killed heavy rain's characters.

.....more proof i have to show.


over 31,000 polygons

you think heavy rain's are that much?

it's just textures and lighting that are making it look the way it does.

and heavy rain doesn't have the vast environment Alan wake has, or the feeling of it being alive too.

hay3232d ago

I kinda find it funny that when they show render of one Xbox game, "media" starts to treat it like second coming while PS3 is fully packed with AAAs and you can still find here and there doom and gloom articles.

Though having Xbox and enjoying most of it's exclusives, I'm not a Halo fan and I think it'll be overhyped meh as usual. Bungie should invest in new IP.

Xeoset3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

Man, sony fanboys sure love Halo.

They can truly see how much of a killer game this is going to be. From industry leading graphics to 3 million copies sold in an opening weekend. Bungie are truly incredible developers.

I'll be practicing my shots in ODST, while suppling Forza III, Conviction, Crackdown 2, Alan Wake, etc in the prior to the time.

peeps3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

i'm no expert, however i am studying a course in computer graphics and 3d modelling myself... therefore unless you are too i'd say i know a fair bit more...

infact i'm taking a break from my report on my latest model to write this:

the number of polygons doesn't = how good the detail looks. It's how u use them.

The sad thing is, ghostbusters use more polygons but Heavy Rains faces look a million times better. If you don't need them, theres no need to add in thousands of polygons.

plus it's not just polygons that make a character look great. it's clear that the texture and shading is much much better with heavy rains character models than ghostbusters.

but unsurprisingly it looks like you're out of bubbles, then again i can't imagine your reply would be very constructive, just more of the same rubbish

and reading this back i just realised how off topic you took this...

Blaster_Master3232d ago

Hahaha! I know they cant be serious right? Sure the game had decent graphics. Decent. Doesn't even hold a candle to Uncharted 1 graphicallly. Lets just hope its not just halo with updated graphics because seriously, Halo hasn't changed in years, and it really is just an average shooter anymore. Bad Company 2>MW2>everything else.

Guido3232d ago

That when Sony releases a target video for Killzone 2, the crowds cry foul and bash Sony for years until the game is released and then they all eat a huge plate of crow. But now we see a target render for Halo Reach and the crowd is telling us that the Xbox 360 has staying power? Why the huge level of hypocrisy?

Darkeyes3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )


Bububu Ghost Buster character models are BETTER!!!!!!

You compare this above ingame shot to this...

And say with a straight face that GB looks better.Thats Delusional man.

HighDefinition3232d ago

How bad 360 ONLY people, want a 360 game to look as good as KZ2.

Its funny cause their hate is indirectly giving so much props to the PS3.

rezenu3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

You know, you're absolutely right. A trailer of Halo Reach completely rapes a finished game like Killzone 2.


I'm sorry but that's nonsense. Plain and simple.

And Xeoset, 360 folks sure love Killzone 2. They keep mentioning it in every single 360 game comparison. Oh you fanpeople...just keep the laughs rolling.

Guido3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

This is so true. What they do not see though is that "IF" the 360 ever has a game that looks as awesome as Killzone 2, by that time the PS3 will have released more games that look even better than it.

But hey, it's not just about graphics, it's about gameplay too right?

BWS19823232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

MGSR, it's people like you who are the bane of this site with your twisted delusions of glory. You have no idea what polygons do or are. Polygons are just the beginning of how high the quality and realism can go, a foundation, and someone who knows how to use them (I spend dozens of hours perfecting vertices and polygons myself)...Texturing and lighting together can trump poly counts any day. On top of that particle systems can do even more. A creative artist can compensate a dip in poly's, and then some, by getting adept with texturing. One could easily take 10% of the poly's out, and make the end product look 20% better by retexturing or getting creative with it.

Here's a tip, since I HAVE A 4 YEAR ART/ANIMATION DEGREE AND FOCUSED ON ADVANCED INDUSTRY-CALIBER MODELING FOR MEDIA, you should slowly back out of this argument because you don't have a grasping of how or what makes "visual fidelity" in a game or movie, nor are you even that well endowed with much literary capacity or diction and it shows in your "arguments"...Stick in the open zone. Fail, buddy, just fail...

Halo's cut scene was awesome, and it was in-engine, but it wasn't "in-game". I'm pumped for it, and am eager to see what happens with everything enabled and what in-game visuals can do. It will take a hit, the question is how much...

I also see Peeps knows what I'm talking about as well.

Profit Lost No Games3232d ago

Bubbles to kaveti6616 for speaking the truth...


Give up buddy the 360 never had it & never will, the face models & textures looked like a joke on Halo Reach trailer...

"You know, you're absolutely right. A trailer of Halo Reach completely rapes a finished game like Killzone 2."

& sadly it doesn't even look half as good as KZ2, same with Forza 3 & GT5P.

4Sh0w3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

hey I'm no expert either but MGSR did put up some nice pics that show Reach's detail, I think it holds up damm good to screen shots of any other game, I welcome disagree's but I've been doing my own comparisons with KZ2 and UC2, only because of all the talk, I just wanted to compare them side by side with my own eyes, I guess different people see different things, becuase they all look on par and really impressive, its harder to compare with UC2 though cause the art style and type of game is so different, still graphics alone Reach looks pretty good imo. Now the thing is Reach is only a in-game cinematic which if you know Bungie has always been pretty identical to how the gameplay looks, however I think its possible they can make a short cinematic look at little better just for show and downgrade it a bit when running full gameplay, still Im sure knowing Bungie its at least going to be very close or they would not say its ingame.

Pics speak louder than words, only thing that I think the Halo Reach cinematic was missing was lots of action on screen and particle effects, so I guess we'll have to wait n see on that, the first gameplay vids are going to be megaton, theres a Beta coming and the game is still a year away so Im pretty confident we cant expect big things from Reach.

@Guido, theres youtube vids of a sony exec(forgot which one) calling the target render in-game, they later sony admits it was a target render, theres a big difference between being caught lying and Bungie is saying exactly what this footage is, a in cinematic running on the inOgame engine.

3232d ago
gamingisnotacrime3232d ago

wait for GoW 3 and you will wish you had not said that

TheDeadMetalhead3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

1. The trailer was pre-rendered, not in-game.
2. The trailer didn't even look much better than Halo 3
3. Why is it that when Killzone 2's first trailer was released, all people did was bash it for 4 years, but with the Halo Reach trailer, people act like it will be TEH BEST GAME EVAR?

@Xeoset - Have you ever made a post where you DON'T whine about PS3 fans?

3232d ago
Xeoset3232d ago

Who was moaning?

I was simply pointing out that with every piece of Reach news, there are dozens and dozens of PS3 fanboys "ooohing" and "aaahing" at how amazing Reach looks. It's easy to see from the large amount of them pouring in here they really want the game.

It's about time they witnessed Gravemind's narrative, the relation to 7, the SPARTAN tiers, Chief's story, Covenant hierarchy, the amazing gameplay, the deep religious meanings and reflections, the Forerunner myths, gorgeous and one-of-a-kind art styles, etc.

Man, Halo: Reach is going to be amazing.

wxer3232d ago

"Endurance: Halo: Reach Proves Xbox 360 has it"

has what ?
tons of multiplats look waaaaay better than what we have seen on Halo:Reach

Guido3232d ago

No ooohing or aaahing going on here. I typically reserve my oooh's and aaahs for real in-game footage, not pre-rendered cut scenes.

ukilnme3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

It's because the success of the Halo franchise is directly tied to their happiness. Halo has to fail in order for them to be happy. All the wonderful exclusives the PS3 has to offer just isn't enough for them. They are for me but what do I know, I'm just a caveman.


Disagree all you like. You all know it's true. Besides, I lose an hour of sleep for every disagree. looking forward to an all nighter.

thereapersson3232d ago

That the benchmark this generation for graphics haven't become 360 games? All I see is how badly people want 360 exclusives and multiplats to look as good as PS3 exclusives. Every time, it's always games like Killzone 2 and Uncharted being compared to. Why not other games, you ask? Because console benchmarks have been laid out by the PS3 games in question.

Keep on riding the desperation train, guys... :)

Traveler3232d ago

Once again I am disappointed with my fellow PS3 gamers. Why are you guys flooding yet another Halo Reach article with nothing but negativity?

Oh BTW, anybody that says Halo Reach looks a "little bit better than Halo 3" should be shot in the head for being so completely stupid and blind. Seriously, this is getting ridiculous.

SuperM3232d ago

I was personally disappointed by this trailer. I had hoped that MS had something to show that could rival Sony first party in terms of graphics. I was wrong. Its a long time until its launch so hopefully it will look alot better when its released, but in its current state this isnt even one of the best looking games on 360.

edhe3232d ago

Because the ps3 fannies are full of hate and prejudice - still. It's pretty sad.

Anyone who thought that the 360 was finished evolving is a nutjob, the ps3's only just catching up and then we see a new halo game with amazing fidelity, undoubtedly huge open levels [it's what the game does] and will have the best of halo3 mp plus years of learning from cod & anyone else.

But then you cant come into these comments not expecting to see a ps3 circle-jerk on everything as this site's synonymous with the ps3fannies.

rezenu3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

Let's make something very clear here. Nobody is bashing Halo Reach. We've only seen a trailer. How does one compare this to a finished game like Killzone 2 (relating to MGSR's ignorant comment)?

People are saying let's see some gameplay first before we start claiming the game is the best thing since sliced bread.

edhe, you 360 fannies are just as bad as the PS3 fannies you talk about so don't even go there. Because people can't have different opinions. They have to agree with everything that's said about every Halo game.

I also find it laughable that you claim PS3 fans are full of hate and prejudice, Yes, says the fannies who constantly use Killzone 2 in comparison to games that have supposedly better graphics on the 360.

Wow, amazing.

You people need a wakeup call.

sikbeta3232d ago

It seems like some kid have a lot of multiple accounts and started with the disagree button mashing lol


I'm not going to give my OPINION cuz I only saw a TRAILER and nothing more, we better wait for something more than that

Pistolero3232d ago

What in the world is going on here? is almost as if many PS3 fans here really are wearing some kind of goggles that distorts their perception of things....I honestly think they are just pretending not to be impressed by the Halo Reach video....everybody else is impressed.

Pistolero3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )


No, it is only because PS3 fanboys come into Halo articles and say "oh, no 360 game will ever equal Killzone 2 blah blah blah" when many of us never agreed that that was the best looking game in the first place...rather it was just shoved down our throats and our opinion was in-engine footage from Reach comes out and it clearly looks better than Killzone 2 which the ps3 fanboys always tout so naturally people are going to point out how it compares to such games.

rezenu3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

"The amount of ass-kissing going on in this article would give anyone a venereal disease.

bla,bla,bla,bla,bla,bla,bla,b la,bla,bla"

hey (kaveti6616 ) that was a real nice speech, I'm really happy for you and your anger and I'm going to let you finish.

but halo reach rapes killzone 2!!!!!

you want proof.

This was from MGSR. Actually he's the first one to compare KZ2 in a Halo article. That was completely off-topic to begin with. And yes Nathan was also wrong but why compare a trailer to finished games? I saw the trailer and I didn't see anything special about it either. Maybe we'll see gameplay and that could blow minds but who knows.

You guys exhibit the same hatred you accuse PS3 fans of exhibiting. Stop hating for once and be gamers. You also go into PS3 articles and attack games as well. PS3 fans will do the same thing you do because of the reactions.

All of you are the same.

SaberEdge3232d ago

Rezenu, if you can show me where 360 gamers are actually flooding PS3 articles just to attack a PS3 game then I will agree that PS3 and 360 fanboys are the same, but I know you can't. PS3 gamers behave very differently than 360 or Wii gamers. I don't know why, but it's true.

rezenu3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

SaberEdge, I just joined here and already in a Gran Turismo 5 article I see one person purposely trolling just for comments. Please don't tell me that 360 fannies are saints.

They're not.

Now I see two more people trolling a PS3 article. Oh look, delightful, there are people in the Openzone attacking the game too.

And what about the Uncharted 2 article regarding sales?

There's hatred on both sides. One side attacks, the other side attacks as well,

All of you need to grow up. All fanboys are bad. No one is worse than the other.

7thNightvolley3232d ago

halo reach has gd promise and we knw the 360 is not knwn for graphical fidelity but at the same time its not been given a chance to really prove its capable with an exclusive till now ... Sony handles the ps3 diffrence from the way MS does the 360... sony on one hand helps the tech to advance by making some asskicking game engine for developers to utilize or rather fund the making of it. MS on the other hand have been busy buying DLC and exclusive 3rd party deal which frankly dont technically bring anything out of the 360 but only generate general sale numbers.. or sway the market share to their favour ... next year we have the so called xengine coming to light and a number of major upgrades to the 360 e.g natal and all.. so things will be very different this time next year..

forza motor sports look great but i dont think we can truely compare it and this genre of FPS since the amount of work done in a typical high action FPS is alot more then a driving simulator.. MASSEFFECT2 looks great but its being done on the unrealengine3 which by the way looks really really gd for an unreal engine which by the way is not every 360 specific..

the halo reach trailer is a gd insight to something intresting and we cant say for certain what things will look like until be pear down the FPview of halo to then we can surely tell.

Shepherd 2143232d ago

actually Nathan, your in your own little world. Only the people here on N4G make the outrageous claims that you do. No where else. Anywhere. Its funny really, because what flies on this fantasy site never flies in the real world.

Christopher3232d ago

I honestly don't see how the trailer proved anything at all. People do know the difference between in-game engine cut scenes and actual gameplay, right?

Also, while I'm sure Mass Effect 2 will be a graphical improvement over the first, the videos we're seeing are from the PC version of the game and not the 360.

If you can't enjoy the gameplay these games offer and want to have graphical pissing contests, then go right ahead, but you'll only end up being disappointed considering that while the 360 can handle larger texture files, its tight bottleneck design really prevents it from opening up much else in comparison to what you can do on the PS3.

My suggestion, look at how good the gameplay of the games will be and how much fun they will be rather than how they look. You'll never be disappointed that way.

Budg3tG4m3r3232d ago

To the PS3 fanboys above I play Killzone 2 and you just need to accept this looks better and let it go. You are seriously causing more harm than good because your rampage just hypes Halo Reach even more. You still have UC2 GOTY, it looks great and plays great. Halo Reach will look great and play great. The more you cry and whine about it the more it's going to hurt as the year goes by. My advice just stop commenting and let the Xbox fanboys have this, you're going to lose this one.

CWMR3232d ago

Good point. I think that denying the obvious is only going to hurt PS3 fanboys in the long run. People like cgoodno who act like they know what they are talking about but really don't really aren't very persuasive. I have both consoles and I can see for myself what they are both capable of so far. I also will take the word of developers and the engineer of both consoles' processors over the claims of fanboys any day. And what developers and the engineer have told us is that the two consoles are essentially equally powerful. A few developers like John Carmack have even said that the 360 is a little more capable in terms of real world performance (i.e. taking into consideration time, budgets and the way modern games are actually created).

Pumbli3232d ago

Heh, there are way many more people here whining about fanboys then fanboys whining about Halo Reach.

Random disagrees to anyone the comment about anything, even facts get disagrees.

We saw a trailer of Halo Reach, a trailer. Lair looked kinda nice in trailers, didn't it? Now I'm not saying Reach will be a bad game, I mean you can't say a game is good because you saw a trailer.

I should know, Mortal Kombat Armageddon had such a nice trailer and I of course expected the game to live up to it.

Now... You can't compare Reach to any other game out today, get it through your skulls people.

Btw, the people that disagree with post like Mortal Kombat Armageddon! :P

IdleLeeSiuLung3232d ago

Halo: Reach looks really good. Looking forward to multiplayer beta coming shortly!

DevastationEve3232d ago

It's only the fanboys who would still think that Xbox 360 would fail in 2009...the rest of the REAL world sees Xbox 360 as a force to reckon with.

Microsoft made a solid console, gave it massive processing power, and then made the gamers happy. That's all that matters. If Halo sells it's because it makes the gamers happy.

Look at didn't sell. Look at Uncharted barely sold.

MNicholas3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

just like COD, Metal Gear, or various other brands.

The hardware, on the other hand, apart from being technically outmatched, is just a shoddy excuse for a console.

One of my good friends just RRODd last night. It was less than a year old.

What a piece of junk.

lowcarb3232d ago

I'm actually glad people are hyping this game up. 360 gamers expect no less this time around and hopefully MS and Bungie get's it. The trailer was impressive but now we await game play to see if Bungie can prove the naysayers wrong or just give in and say it is what it is. You guy's can hate on 360 fanboys all you want but this is our cry to Bungie to deliver something truly next gen this time around. Sure we shouldn't fuel this war by bringing up KZ2 but it may be the only way to get our point across as to what we want.

Guido3232d ago

The 360 fanboys are crazy! How can you guys actually talk about this game knowing that the video you all saw was a cut scene? Do you actually think that the ct scene was representative to what the game will look like? need I remind you of the cool commercials for Halo 3 and how they looked very good then the game itself look like a$$? Come on folks, this 360 delusions of grandeur is sickening.

ThanatosDMC3232d ago

They severely need it. Remember how they were before ODST? Look what happened after the release. They stopped talking about it and jumped into MW2 to comfort them. Then we saw how they chest thumped in the 3:1 sale of MW2.

Geez... everyone should just play Dragon Age...

WildArmed3232d ago

lol whenever i read Gamersthirtblog I just lol.
Nothing to see here. They just write flame bait articles for hits, one day for ps3 n then another for 360.
GJ, way to ruin journalism, not that it wasn't bad enough w/o you.

7thNightvolley3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

WHAT BLOODY planet are u from?.. bungie said it TIME AND TIME AGAIN... IT IN AND INGAME FOOTAGE.. not CGI... are u not reading .. or ur catarax is too thick for u to read.. its in game footage.. the halo3 world premiere that was a CGI CLEARLY. DUH... .. this is not CGI.. its a new engine which bungie said themselves was aided by the guys in naughty dog to make it coz they help them with UC2 multiplayer.. for the ps3.. my God what is wrong with u ppl u cant bloody read.. jesus. what a footage is call or done by INGAME engine.. it means asset of the game are used to make the footage so if u see a master chief.. its his model.. if u see a warhog is a worhog designed to be used in the game, if u see a chair its a BLOODY CHAIR in the freaking game... if u dont get my examples go bk to pre-school... my GOd

Guido3232d ago


Yeah, actual footage... FROM A CUT SCENE IN THE GAME! Got it? Good!

CGI or not, that is not, and I repeat, NOT how the final game is going to look.

ukilnme3231d ago

@ Guido

Ok. So what if the final game does not look like this? Will that make you feel better or justified about your beloved console? You want a cookie?

jmare3231d ago

I am reminded of the whole Killzone 2 debacle. I guess we'll see if it lives up to the trailer.

7thNightvolley3231d ago

y do i even bother... its like trying to talk to a sheep... if it would make u sleep.. yes.. its CGI.. made by disney in pluto... baka(japanese)

SilentNegotiator3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

"It" meaning having the ability to run cutscenes?

Can we at least wait for some GAMEPLAY footage before we start hyping this game?

IaMs123231d ago

Wow this is completely sad, i mean whenever a PS3 title comes out, NO MATTER what it is, its considered revolutionary, and all the PS3 people can enjoy it. NO but a 360 title that comes out, claims its in-game, and looked at like its better then a PS3, you get shot down. WTF why even have a 360 thread here, move it to a different site. So this place can remain

It is what it is guys, the 360 produced a great looking exculsives so bite me.

@Nathan123, just because its multiplat doesnt mean it sucks compared to exculsives, look at Haze. It has every right to be challenge an exculsive. Although the exculsive should be better then a multiplat, but doesnt mean it is. So what if Baynetta is better then GOW3, just means more and better game for gamers. Now if Bayonetta was a PS3 exculsive it would be getting praised better then GOW3! 360 it will be praised as a knockoff and too keep it, we got the real thing.

GTFU and GTFO of the 360 threads, you dont see me in PS3 threads bashing games, if iam in a thread i say nice, things, please show me a PS3 thread that has me bashing.

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morganfell3231d ago

I love the fact they are doing a prequel but I would love it more if they weren't so lacking in innovation that they feel like they have to violate canon.

Saaking3231d ago

the Halo Reach trailer looked awesome, but compared to KZ2 and UC2? I don't think so. Thus that's my point of not comparing Reach to PS3 exclusives. It's a battle that Halo just can't win.

IaMs123231d ago

I respect your guys opinions, but honestly, stay out of a thread that you have nothing good to say. If you have played this game before and say you dont like it, Ok, thats fine, but coming in bashing saying it will never be as good as any PS3 game is too far. There is a line and countless times it is crossed. It just pisses me off with the hypocricy is on this site.

N4G officially sucks, especially if your a 360 only owner. Cant even get some damn peace in his own room.

jmare3231d ago

Welcome to 2006-07 for PS3 owners. The pendulum has swung back and 360 fans are finding out that it sucks to be shat on all the time. It doesn't make it right but karma bites you in the ass.

lowcarb3231d ago

welcome to 2002 2003 3004 2005 2006 2007 2008 and now 2009. Even in those times were you claim it was different there was still the proud sdf running around talking mess. Don't blame 360 owners for having an amazing year out of jealous bs. We all know that those years were hard for fanboys to except and now because you have a few titles here you go talking mess again.

Immortal3213231d ago

cause the halo reach trailer did not look no better than mass effect 2 in game trailer. besides they show the halo guys in the wilderness, the engine look like it lack physics but have a good facial animation.

lets see them do a cut scene cross over into gameplay like most ps3 exclusive.
1st on the list MGS4.