QVC Ripped-Off Thousands of Nintendo Wii Customers

It was recently spotted that QVC was 'way' overpricing Nintendo Wii and accessories on one of their T.V. programs. QVC most likely already sold thousands of these overpriced products to unsuspecting customers that watches their show.

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pcz3230d ago

They have been selling wii's over the last month or so for about 220.00 GBP (standalone wii,) the standard package you would buy in any regular shop for 179.00 GBP.

Then they do crazy bundles that go past the 300 pounds mark, and i feel sorry for the people buying them, because they are paying over the odds and getting a bad deal.

Also, on the subject of mis-information about wii products, the other week they were selling wii fit plus with the board (again, overpriced) but they claimed the wii fit plus board was more sensitive than the original. Correct me if i'm wrong but isn't that just nonsense? Its the same wii fit board but with an updated game.

QVC are full of it anyway, their presenters could sell poo and make it out to be the best thing ever.