Igarashi: DS the only platform in which it's acceptable to publish 2-D games

Koji Igarashi, who has been the producer of many Castlevania titles, has commented on the state of 2-D games and how he perceives it as only being acceptable on the DS.

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Valay4245d ago

2-D games have definitely been accepted on the DS (Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes is my latest favorite 2-D game on the system, by the way). But I wish companies would take more risks with 2-D. Muramasa: The Demon Blade proved that such a style can work on consoles.

Skip_Bayless4245d ago

2D games are welcome anywhere, but I don't want major developers working on 2D games because there would be lesser 3D epic games. There is room for 2D games to give me a break from being tired of playing all these 3D games, so 95% of games should still stick to 3D.

4245d ago
rockleex4245d ago

Lots of 2D games there.

Bereaver4245d ago

I still love 2-D games as long as they are well... interesting....

If EarthBound for snes or Megaman X or.... anything around those lines came out just now for the first time ever. I would be all over that.

Hisiru4245d ago

No, it's not 2D. SF4 is a 3D fighting game with sidescroller view.

dirthurts4245d ago

Works really well with 2D. Wario Shake it was very good, and looked pretty good too.
I don't feel it really has enough oomph to push 3D that is up to todays standards. A few titles look nice, but it's not the norm.

gumgum994245d ago

The DS is one of the few that 2D games flourish, but its not the only one. The Wii can also produce some amazing retail 2D games.

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The story is too old to be commented.