IGN: Build Your Own Sims 3 World

IGN writes: "At first glance, the Sims might appear to be a game that simply depicts characters moving about their digital day to day lives. However, Sims fans know that the franchise has constantly been evolving from the confined walls of your Sims' house (in the first game) to the facets of their lives (thanks to the numerous expansions of The Sims 2) and eventually the community and the world in the Sims 3. But what if you've shepherded multiple generations through the Sunset Valley or Riverview communities of the game, fulfilling the life goals of countless Sims? Wouldn't you like to have new territories to explore, new stories to create and new communities to experience? Fortunately, Electronic Arts will allow players to sculpt the experience of their Sims with the release of the Create a World Tool -- Beta. I recently had a chance to check out the robust editor to see what players can expect when the program is released."

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