The Second Christmas

onPause Writes: "If you have gotten through most of Q4 2009 you might not want to hold your breath while trying to read the list of games coming up in 2010. I have compiled a list of upcoming confirmed and dated titles along with a few recently announced titles which will be hitting sometime this year. Q1 2010 has quickly become a second Christmas for gamers due to the many 'delays' which just might be a tiny excuse to get the hell out of MW2's way. Remember the push-backs of Mafia II, BioShock 2 and Splinter Cell Conviction? Yea, those are all hitting in Q1. Better finish off whatever leftovers you have from the holidays before the avalanche of Q1 2010 buries you until the new Prince of Persia rewinds time."

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RonyDean3629d ago

Just in the first three months of next year there is 11 titles I want to pick up. All I can say is "HOLY CRAP!!!"

GameGambits3629d ago

Must buys for me:

Final Fantasy 13 March 9th

Resonance of Fate in March

White Knight Chronicles on February 2nd

Bioshock 2 in February...9th?

God of War 3 in March

I'm also thinking of buying(but for sure renting):

Splinter Cell Conviction
Mass Effect 2
Gran Turismo 5 Japanese version
Heavy Rain
Yakuza 3

Simon_Brezhnev3629d ago

i hope u buy heavy rain and Yakuza 3 we need more games like that i hope them games do atleast 500k or 1 million

Myst3629d ago

I hate the three months following Christmas, even if my birthday coincides with the release of one of the games I'm looking forward to the most ( Heavy Rain ). Roughly $200 dollars will be spent on games alone, and that isn't even including the others that I'm looking forward to as well.

P.S. They forgot White Knight Chronicles which was pushed forward to what February 4th? 5th? Somewhere in the beginning of the month. I just hope that after those three months there won't be to many heavy hitters as it's going to take quite some time to complete these games. Especially for those who are in school ( like myself ), or work the daily grind of 9-5 or perhaps longer hours. Either way...

Good luck to all you gamers next year!

RockmanII73629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

It's crazy. I have decided to wait until games I want get a price drop (Games will have low sales due to so much competition/people just spent a lot on Xmas gifts).

RonyDean3629d ago

Yeah Heavy Rain looks like its gonna be sick but the game I want the most is Splinter Cell Conviction. Iv been looking forward to a new Splinter Cell for a while now.

Myst3629d ago

Yeah some of them, I've decided to wait on as well, even now I'm waiting on a few games from this year to drop in price and planned to get them sometime next year.

Also forgot that Monster Hunter Tri is a game I always have some money down on ( pre-order and all that ). It's going to be interesting since I'll be utilizing all three of my systems next year, which is awesome; but seems like it will be an annoyance for me :p.

Never played a splinter cell, but tempted to give it a try; I'd probably end up renting that at first just like I was going to end up renting a lot of games this year as well. :/

Redempteur3629d ago

i play on wii , ps3 , ps2, psp , ds and PC

this is a nightmare am i supposed to play all of this ... i'm busy up to june ..and i'm not even sure that will be enough ...

between , heavy rain , the two final fantasy (wii and ps3), star ocean , god of war 3 , no more heroes 2..

i hope i'll be able to finish half of it before resonance of fate arrive in may.
( not counting bayonneta and many psp releases and not counting the full array of good ds game reaseles in Q3and Q4 09 that i haven't played yet )

i need more hours per day ....

RonyDean3628d ago

@Redempteur Im with you, just not enough time in the day/year to play all these. Im still trying to finish off a bunch of games from this year.

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RockmanII73629d ago

Red Steel 2 (Feb.)
No More Heroes 2 (Jan.)
No More Heroes PS3/360 (2010?)
Monster Hunter 3 (Mar.)
Starcraft II (2010)
Brink (2010?)
Alpha Protocol (June)

RonyDean3629d ago

Thanks for telling us! I just updated the list.