Why Does Pre-Ordering Matter?

"I've mentioned before that I've worked in this industry for a while, mostly in the retail management sector, in the Greater Toronto Area.

I managed a few stores for EB Games. There, I said it and now we have to live with it.

Recently one of our forum members and industry jokester, Nathan Smart, has had a spotlight blasted on him for his new website venture, Pre-Order Pushers. The site is a public forum for gamers to recite the most ridiculous s- they have ever been told or heard a store clerk say about a game to get them to preorder."

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PS360PCROCKS4806d ago

Oh man I have heard some idiotic stuff...I was told I wouldn't get pretty much EVERY game if I didn't pre-order. Pretty sure everytime I went to buy a 360 after it released I got a 20 minute lecture on how amazing the PS3 was going to be and how it would blow my 360 out of the water. I was even told to pre-order crackdown if I wanted to play Halo 3 beta. Their full of sh*t, they don't know anything.

Diselage4806d ago

Pre-ordering isn't every retailers wet dream like they make it off to be. A lot of it is the pre-ordering gives an idea of how much stock and such to get in.

Rybnik4806d ago

I donno, I gotta agree with 360rocks..after all, this article is focusing on major games retailers, like EB, Gamestop, etc. And from my experience here in the US, these places do tend to try to hound the customers into pre-ordering. Even when I go to pick up and old game, they try to stick me with a pre-order. Oh, and the misinformation part is really true,
I was in a Game Crazy back when I picked up MGS3: Subsistence and the clerk was trying to get the customer in front of me to pre-order Hell's Highway on PS2..I kindly pointed out to the clerk that was actually for the 360 and PS3, but he insisted it would come out on PS2...finally he checked his list again and realized it was PC not PS2...Seriously, these moronic mistakes are made in these places all the time.

addictedtogames4806d ago

Are pointless to me, never used them. They always told me pre order it man it will be sold out. Come in there all late and theres plenty copies there. So in my experiance there useless.

Numark4806d ago

well, many sites nowadays give incentives to pre-order. I preordered a game last week, and got 1600 ms points. And a different game I pre-ordered, gave me 10 dollars off another game on my order. So i saved 10 dollars and got 1600 ms points.

The Snake4806d ago

Sweet. What sites offer incentives like that for preorders?

Numark4806d ago believe it or not. Plus, they ship games to you fast. And if you pre-order madden 08 you get 10 dollars off any other game. And if you pre-order halo 3, you get 1600 points for 5$. So basically it is madden 08 for 55 dollars, halo 3 for 60 dollars, plus 1600 ms points.

progx4806d ago (Edited 4806d ago )

but otherwise no, I go to bestbuy and they always have more than enough copies.

Excalibur4806d ago

There are always plenty of copies to be had and all the little trinkets they give are just thrown in a drawer somewhere. I have enough junk.

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The story is too old to be commented.